5 April 2012

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Darwin Awards: The Stupidest Ways People Have Died [Infographic]

People who win Darwin Awards typically have nothing to be proud of, if they are even capable of being proud. Most recipients of this award have successfully removed themselves from the gene pool by way of a stupid and needless stunt that caused their death. However, the rules say that anyone removed from the gene pool can receive a Darwin Award, so those who don't die, but who have stupidly rendered themselves sterile are also eligible.

Recipients of Darwin Awards must have caused their own death or sterility through the use of incredibly stupid judgement. They must have had their mental facilities, been mature and capable of making an intelligent choice rather than the astoundingly stupid one they made.

True Darwin Awards must always be verified by reliable sources. Urban legends don't count. This graphic takes a look at some bizarre and documented true accounts of truly stupid deaths. This is one award nobody should aspire to win.

Darwin Awards

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