22 May 2012

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Personality Test for Geek and Nerds [Infographic]

It is sometimes hard to tell what personality type you are. For those who are struggling to figure out what personality tip defines them, perhaps this information can help.

Both the term geek and the term nerd have different starts. At first, geek was meant as an insult, but then became a positive saying during the time of the circus. Dr. Seuss actually brought around the term nerd in 1954 with his own original quote.

Someone who is a geek can have a lot of knowledge on a single subject, or can have a little knowledge over a wide variety of subjects. Stereotypes suggest that geeks carry a Mac computer while nerds might carry a PC. The survey suggests that nerds are more knowledge based than geeks, while geeks blend in with the in crowd slightly more. Stereotypes often suggest that while nerds are big fans of games, geeks are fans of gadgets.

Stereotypes aside, there are many things that separate a geek from a nerd. Think carefully about the two words. Which are you, a geek or a nerd?

Geeks vs Nerds

About today's Infographic:
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