27 November 2013

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Celebrities' Secret Twins

They say there is a secret way to success. That's all they tell me, sadly. I guess it's a secret people are willing to keep. That's why so very few of us actually make it. Those who manage are forever remembered as being the best humanity has to offer (whether that is true or not is a whole different story). All the rest of us have left is looking up to those people, envying them and thinking, “Why weren't I that lucky?”, or even more frequently, “Why don't I look like that?” Well, as you're about to find out, turns out looks doesn't solve everything.

Have you ever felt ignored? Of course you have, but next time you do, think about how Kiefer Sutherland's sister feels... “Kiefer Sutherland has a sister?!”, I hear you exclaim, gasping in astonishment. That's exactly my point. Many of our favourite movie and TV stars have twin siblings who have lost (at least to some extent) the sibling rivalry. Most of them are also successful, but in a different manner, though, but they don't make the headlines and maybe that's for the best – there are enough people who are famous for being famous... Imagine if we suddenly started paying attention to the stars' siblings, too. Anyway, let's have a look at celebrities' secret twins and see what happens.

Ashton Kutcher
You won't know by watching “Dude, Where's My Car?” or “Punk'd”, but Ashton has a twin brother named Michael. Sadly, his brother suffers from cerebral palsy, which caused young Ashton to assume the role of his protector and guardian. This would really make you think about what a good actor he actually is because it would seem that his presence on scene has little to do with who he really is – a passionate and empathetic human being watching after his closest of kin.

Scarlet Johanson
Scarlet Johanson has a twin brother who is not totally anonymous. Her brother, Hunter, has appeared in some of her movies and has held the position of campaign organizer for the current President of the United States, Barack Obama.
Johanson's most recent, and dare I add stellar performance, was her major role in “The Avengers” where she played The Black Widow.

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel's twin brother, Paul, also works in films but not in front of the camera. As for Mark (Vin Diesel's real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent which doesn't sound too much like an action hero), he worked as a bouncer before his Hollywood career. Most of you won't know this, but he also used to play “Dungeons and Dragons”. Does that mean that one of the most famous action heroes of recent years is actually a nerd, though?

Jon Heder
It would seem that comedy was Jon's calling all along. He has an identical twin brother, Dan, and the two of them used to pull lots of pranks when they were younger, as many identical twins often do. They were 2 out of 6 kids in their household, so I really don't want to imagine the horror their mother must have gone through raising them. Still, they turned out alright, so I guess she's done a good job even through this difficult challenge. The twins own a production company together.

Kiefer Sutherland
It can't be easy being Keifer's twin sister. Both her father and brother are successful actors so it really must feel strange. But Rachel is a worthy member of the successful family and also works in the entertainment industry, but not stage. Rather, she is behind the curtains, making sure that everybody is doing their jobs right.

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