21 March 2014

6 Things Every New Millionaire Should Have

Congratulations on becoming a new millionaire. People say the first million is the hardest to make. Hard part’s over, now you’re new milestone should be your first billion. However before you strive for that there are few things you should learn about becoming a millionaire. After all now that you’re a millionaire you need to look the part. The only thing worse than being poor and not rich, is being rich and acting poor. You don’t want to be called Ebenezer Scrooge, do you? Here are 6 things every millionaire must have.

Tailor Made Suits
Now that you’re a millionaire you can’t be caught shopping at the Gap. Spend some money on fine clothing if you want your rich friends to take you seriously. You’re going to be attending a lot of black tie events from here on out. Fill your wardrobe with tailor made suits, preferably from Savile Row. Winston Churchill got his suits made there, so you’re in good hands. Rich people only wear suits tailored to their specifications. When you’re dressed to the nines you can move up the social ladder much more easily.

A Sports Car
You’ll be breaking the millionaire’s code if you don’t have an Italian sports car. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. How else are you supposed to get around? A chauffeur driven luxury car is for old people like Rupert Murdoch. Unless you use a cane to move around don’t choose that alternative. When you’re young and rich you’ve got to treat life like it’s a race track. Rev the engine and let people know you’re coming and that they should get out of your way. The bouncer will throw people out of the club to make space for you when you’re driving a Lamborghini.

A Penthouse
Your expenses don’t stop with a sports car. After all you can’t live in it. You’ll need a penthouse in Manhattan to throw your Gatsby style parties. Who better to encompass a millionaire’s lifestyle than Jay Gatsby? A view of Central Park really shows off your wealth. You can host upscale gatherings where you can meet the social elite of the town. Movie stars, politicians and artists will be your BFFs. Unfortunately what passes for a celebrity these days is offensive. You should be in the company of people like Orson Welles, Oscar Wilde and Picasso.

An Art Collection
If you’re going to have a fancy house, you might as well have fancy paintings hanging from the walls. And I don’t mean self portraits. That’s just creepy. Rich people buy expensive paintings all the time. It’s a hobby for them. You don’t have to be interested in art. Most people who buy these paintings aren’t. They either buy it as an investment or they buy it to make themselves look more sophisticated. A couple of right buys can more than double your investment. I mean look at Victor and Sally Ganz. Their children became multi-millionaires thanks to their art collection.

A Catamaran
A catamaran is the perfect toy for a millionaire’s vacation. You can take your supermodel girlfriend on a trip across the seven seas. It’ll be like Bruce Wayne’s love boat from “The Dark Knight”. Catamarans are also perfect for hosting summer parties. Normal people beat the heat by going for a swim. When you have the ocean around you, you can swim anytime you want. That’s another advantage of owning a catamaran. Once you experience the freedom that comes with it you won’t need to be convinced. You’ll put that expense on your AMEX card and sail out.

A Private Island
Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp have private islands, why shouldn’t you? You already own a catamaran, so transportation won’t be a problem. A private island is a better destination than the middle of an ocean. DiCaprio plans to build an eco-friendly resort on his island. You could do the same on yours. It’ll be a new revenue stream for you. You could use the extra cash to pay for the island and the catamaran.

Now that you’re a millionaire you can afford all the things you want. We’re pretty sure the things on this list is what every millionaire wants. And if you want something that’s not on this list, then you can get it any way.

Who’s stopping you?  

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