15 March 2014

How Much Does It Cost to Eat Around the World? Find Out In This Interactive Map!

One of the deciding factors for many people when choosing where to go on holiday is the cost of leisure activities such as sports, shopping, drinking, and eating. While this guide won’t tell you where the best place to shop until you drop is, it will show you the average cost of eating out in more than forty different countries, for three different types of meals: fast food, a local budget restaurant, and a 3 course mid-range meal for two.

What’s more, we’ll tell you the average cost of a local beer in a restaurant (as little as £0.50 in Madagascar, and up to a massive £8 in Norway), as well as a few need-to-know tips on eating out (such as that in Peru, many small restaurants offer a 3 course lunch, and a drink, for about £3), and facts on the dining customs in each location (like how in Taiwan, you shouldn’t stand chopsticks upright in a bowl).

Want to start exploring? Just move your mouse over the map below – have fun!

This is an interactive guide to eating out around the world, by The Gourmet Society.