14 March 2014

The 6 Most Surprising Celebrity Arrests Of 2014

The year is still young, but some celebrities are already in hot water. The following is a partial list of celebrities who have faced criminal action in 2014.

1. Timothy Lambesis
Timothy Lambesis, of the heavy metal band As I Lay Dying, pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder to kill his estranged wife. The 32-year-old Lambesis was released on $2 million bond and will be sentenced May 2 in a San Diego superior court. An undercover agent from the San Diego County Sheriff's Department recorded Lambesis requesting the killing of his wife. Lambesis was upset over the potential divorce settlement that his wife, Meggan Lambesis, would receive and with his restricted visitation of the couple's three adopted children.

2. George Clooney

Actor George Clooney was held in police custody for trespassing but was later released after paying a $100 fine. Clooney, his father, and a number of congressmen and activists, were arrested for crossing a police line outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington D.C. Among the activists arrested were Martin Luther King III and Dick Gregory.

Clooney told the Huffington Post that the group was protesting humanitarian abuses committed by the Sudanese government, which included the blocking of humanitarian aid. The arrest resulted in a surge of activity on social media. Clooney accused the Sudanese government of committing crimes against its own people, including murder. Clooney was released by police on a desk appearance ticket but was due back in court later in February.

3. Young Jeezy

Hip hop star Young Jeezy turned himself in to police after a warrant was issued by a grand jury. The rapper faces multiple charges, including battery, making terrorist threats, and false imprisonment in a 2012 incident where he is alleged to have assaulted his son, including slamming him into a glass shower door. Young Jeezy was released on $45,000 bail. Police records reveal that Young Jeezy has previous charges of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, participating in a cocaine dealing ring, and a DUI.

4. Bobbie Brown

Singer Bobby Brown was arrested on a DUI by Los Angeles Highway Patrol. Brown was initially pulled over for talking on his cell phone while driving. Brown is reported to have had a blood-alcohol level of .08 on his breathalyzer test. Brown was held in a Van Nuy's jail, but was bailed out. Brown has one prior DUI conviction, from 199 while the singer was in Georgia.

5. Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown, star of "That's So Raven," is serving a 180-day jail sentence for failure to produce proof that he completed a court-ordered alcohol education class. Brown was convicted of a DUI in 2011; however, his sentence is expected to be reduced due to overcrowding in the Los Angeles County jail. In addition to failing to provide proof of completion, Brown had four bench warrants for failure to obey a number of court orders. Brown was previously arrested by Texas police in 2011 for DUI and drug possession.

6. Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington was arrested on assault charges by New York City police. Worthington is accused of punching a photographer. Worthington claims the photographer had kicked Worthington's girlfriend, prompting the assault. The photographer was arrested on reckless endangerment, assault, and harassment. The 37 year old actor starred in the movie "Avatar."

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