29 April 2014

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11 Facts About Anti-Muslim Prejudice You May Or Not Know [Infographic]

Today's infographic is an informative and interesting one about anti-Muslim prejudice that we've found on TellMaMaUK.org website (many thanks to the TellMaMaUk Team for kindly letting us re-publishing it). 

This is the second infographic from TellMaMaUK we've published on here (the first one being on the categories of anti-Muslim hate deniers) and, we have had, time to time, the pleasure to also publish statements from them on some of ours racism/anti-Muslim related posts. So, as you can see, the TellMaMaUK Team are no strangers to us...

Featured in today's infographic are:

  • Pavlo Lapshyn 
  • The West Midlands terrorist 
  • The doyens of the ‘Counter-Jihad’ anti-Muslim business which yields them millions of dollars in campaigning funds, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Stay safe!

Loup Dargent

Image source: TellMaMaUK

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