30 May 2014

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10 Most Incredible Fountains In The World

One of the most amazing features of a beautiful city is eye catching fountains. Fountains have been well known to attract most tourists unlike other city features. We get to see several fountains in major cities. Some fountains are big while others are small. However, the bigger the fountain the more colorful and hype it becomes. There are several spectacular fountains around the world and you are probably looking for some of the beautiful places to rest your feet while you watch the water sprinkling in patterns.
The following is a list of 10 most incredible fountains around the world.

  1. Trevi Fountain While in Rome if you are looking for a fountain the Trevi Fountain is one of the magnificent features of Rome. It is a fountain of approximately 85 feet high and 19.8 meters wide. It is one of the most beautiful sculptures in Rome. What makes it unique and thrilling is that it has Neptune or Oceanus at the center of the tritons.
  1. Montjuic Magic Fountain This fountain was built by a designer known as Caries Buigas. This fountain is spectacular and displays several colors, motion, water acrobatics and light. This fountain is found in Barcelona near the National Palau. This fountain is an attraction site for the locals of Barcelona and the tourists especially during the night. People come to this area to see the water and the music show.
  1. Tivoli Fountain in Hill town Rome Tivoli is well known for its famous magnificent gardens of the Villa d'este. For instance, the garden of Hadrians Villa is one of the most visited areas. The Tivoli is also known as the tiburtine fountain. It plays a very important role in Rome as it represents the profusion of the waters in Tivoli.
  1. The Famous Bellagion Fountains Apart from Las Vegas being a gambling zone, it is known to have great fountains. A good example of these fountains is the Bellagion Fountains which can refresh your other entertainment options. The water in this fountain go up to 460 feet from a 1222 water emitting device. The Bellagion has featured in most films, photographs and TV shows.
  1. The Fountain of Wealth You can spare time and take a vacation to Singapore to see some great fountains in Suntec City. This fountain is one of the largest in the world. It is unique because it has been made of bronze and has five tower blocks. Millions of tourists visit Singapore every year.
  1. Archibald Fountain The fountain of Archibald is located in the central Sidney. It is an inspiration from the classical Greek. The flamboyant fountain shows bronze Apollo Surrounded by other mythical figures and animals that exuberantly spray jets of water.
  1. JET D'EAU Located in Geneva, this wonderful large fountain is an inescapable icon of the city. Jet D'Eau sends water into the sky at a speed of about 220km/h. The maximum height that the water reaches is about 140 meters. This jet of water can be visible from any location around the city.
  1. Peoples Friendship Fountain One of the most beautiful Russian Exhibition is the people's friendship fountain. It has 16 gilded statues of maidens in their own national costumes. The 16 gilded statues represent all the Soviet Union republics.
  1. Wild Goose Pagoda This famous pagoda was built during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty. This fountain is located in the Xi’an City. You can be wise and visit the place during the night because the place is well illuminated and everything looks great.
  1. King Fahd's Fountain The Fahd's fountain is found in the city of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). lt is also one of the highest fountains in the world. It has the potential of throwing water at a height of about 1020ft.This is achieved through the help of a massive pumps that deliver 600I/sec.

Lastly, there are several fountains that are very spectacular around the world. However, the maximum height that has been achieved is 312m.You can also visit Turkey and see its marvelous fountains but you need to have a Turkish visa. The world is a great place full of wonders. All you need to do is explore it.

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