6 May 2014

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Joshua Bonehill's Hunger Strike: Another Porky From The Self-Proclaimed New Messiah? [Updated]

Joshua Bonehill's Hunger Strike: Another Porky From The Self-Proclaimed New Messiah?

When it comes to Joshua Bonehill's claims on the net, it's generally rather difficult to believe that they have actually any truth in them... I mean, he is not exactly known for his truthfulness, is he?

So, when I saw his recent post announcing that he was starting a 40 days and 40 nights hunger strike today, I couldn't but be slightly sceptical about the whole affair...

In his blogpost, Joshua Bonehill claims that the "leftist, Marxist and Zionist conspiracy" has, "through brainwashing and manipulation", stolen someone from him. A less sensationalist version would probably say that someone close to his heart, has eventually seen through all his crap and decided to dump him. No conspiracy is needed when it comes to debunk Bonehill's lies... It's not like he is a master of deception, really. 

So, yes, it looks like the poor young man, has been dumped and, instead of doing what most of other young men would do in this situation (like, for example, getting drunk and then moving on), he is, as usual, blaming others for whatever is going wrong in his life.

Going on hunger strike (especially such a 40 days and nights one) because someone's dumped him is a tad over the top somehow and sounds more like a desperate cry for attention than anything else, really. So, Bonehill's decided to try to kill two birds with one stone by making it a political one and beefing it up as a protest that, apparently, will "raise awareness of the Zionist evil that flourishes in society and expose the Left-Wing agenda that has ever so corrupted our society and left us the British people with nothing more than billions of debt and a useless elitist government."

Bless him! He is so the new hero that Britain needed to sort out whatever is wrong with this country, isn't he? (I was being sarcastic here, by the way). Well... No. Not really.

Here are some of the reservations I have regarding Joshua Bonehill's claim:

  • If he really goes through 40 days without food, the chances of Bonehill surviving this hunger strike are practically nil. So, unless, he's got a death wish, there is no way anyone with his ambition would do it.
  • From what I understand, Bonehill's got some community work to do every week. I don't see how he'll be able to carry on doing that while on hunger strike.
  • We will only have only Joshua Bonehill's word that he actually went 40 days and night without food as there is no 24/7 video feed recording it, or/an any reliable witnesses monitoring it.
So, erm... sorry Josh, but I'm not buying any of this hunger strike BS of yours.

Joshua Bonehill - Expert in Bullshitting

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As I (and many others) suspected, the "hunger strike" never happened...  

Even Bonehill himself stopped pretending after a few days (with only one related tweet a day for three days about how he was suffering for the "cause") and, eventually, just carried on tweeting/blogging/etc... as usual like if nothing happened.

Was it another one of his tantrums that he tried (and failed lamentably) to disguise as a "protest"? The answer has to be a resonant "Yes!". So, yes, it was a big fat porky... One of many. No surprise there!

You would have thought that, after that epic fail, he would have stopped having public tantrums... Naaah! Not Bonehill! He had two more of them on Twitter and he, predictably, tried to make them look like "Twitter strikes"... very short ones, of course

If you want to have a laugh, go here, where I've posted about them (among other things)... Oh, and, don't forget to watch the video I've made about his latest "Twitter strike", while you're there ;)  

[Update: The video supposed to be featured in the post mentioned above is unavailable right now due to a slight problem with my personal YouTube account, but it should be back up soon(ish)... There are some screenshots of it in the post though, so it won't be a complete waste of cyber-journey if you decide to visit it.]

Thanks in advance!

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