30 June 2014

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Does Technology Affect Sleep? [Infographic]

If you are (or know) someone like me who spends quite a lot of time online, you'll probably answer yes to that question as, unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day and, to be able to do "what needs to be done on the net", a rather big slice of our needed sleeping time usually does tend to get sacrificed in the process.

But, through today's infographic, we have the opportunity to explore the relationship between modern technology and sleep disturbances and find out out that our sleep is not just affected by our online habits... Television, video games and mobile phones can be as much guilty as our trusty PC or laptop. Oooh Yes, they are!

On the plus side, this infographic also shows us what we can do to achieve a better night’s sleep. So, don't panic! There is no need to throw our beloved game console/TV set/PC/laptop/mobile phone/etc... out of the window yet


Loup Dargent

How Technology Affects Sleep - An infographic by the team at Big Brand Beds

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