5 June 2014

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The 'Holy Sh*t!' Response To Climate Change

"A NASA scientist says we've hit the "holy shit" climate moment when irreversible damage to our planet is about to spin out of control. It needs a "holy shit" response. On the weekend of September 20th we can meet world leaders with the largest global climate day of action ever that puts the power back in our hands." 

Dear friends,

The enormous West Antarctic ice sheet just passed a point of no return; its melt is inevitable and could raise global sea levels by up to four metres. A leading NASA scientist describes it as "our holy shit" climate moment -- and it needs a "holy shit" response

We have the solutions to prevent the crisis from spiraling out of control. Action now can slow the melting of this ice sheet and help preserve a hopeful future for generations to come. But the reality is our leaders don’t think enough of us care to make it worth their while. We can prove them wrong by holding an historic, record breaking, largest-ever global day of action right before world leaders meet at a landmark UN climate summit.

Our politicians consistently put the interests of polluters before people, even when the science is devastatingly clear. On the weekend of September 20th we can change the balance of power and show politicians people everywhere want them to save the planet. Dozens of organisations are already starting to plan, but our 35 million-strong global community can give this the scale and hope it really needs. 

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Public mobilisation is not all that’s needed to save our planet, but it’s an important start. A giant march in New York, coupled with massive, coordinated actions in other major cities across the globe -- Paris, London, Rio -- and thousands of smaller events hosted by Avaaz members everywhere, will make sure that leaders are put on notice. And it will counterbalance the money and backroom lobbying corporations use every day to protect their profits and stop common sense, life-saving policies.

The UN Secretary General has invited world leaders to New York in September to discuss action on climate change and almost all of them are coming! This meeting will set the stage for either real urgent action or empty declarations before the big climate deal is inked. It is our best moment to set the agenda for years to come. That’s why if we fill the streets across the world with citizens that weekend we could literally make history.

Let’s send politicians and ministers to the New York Climate Summit knowing that hundreds of thousands of us in cities, towns and villages everywhere, are expecting them to act. Plans for NYC are already underway -- over 60 organisations from different backgrounds are coming together for the People's Climate March -- but we need to take it global. 

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We know we can do this… and do it big. When our community was just 3 million people we held 3,000 actions on the same day to protect our planet. We’re now 35 million strong, ten times the size! Imagine what we can achieve together now... 

With so much hope for our future, 

Loup Dargent

On behalf of Iain, Emma, Oli, Lisa, Ricken, Emily, Ari, Sayeeda, Uilleam and the rest of the Avaaz team 


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