22 February 2015

How to Become a Popular Christian Author

The society today has been filled with various negative elements and energies. These negative things vary depending on their impact. War between countries, civil unrest, and weather calamities is just few of those that we can consider as high impacting while there are those that we can consider as medium or small scale like depression, and anything that will only affect one’s self or the immediate people that surrounds the person. 

In line with all the negativities today, people tend to seek or read books that are written on a positive note which will eventually give them hope and brings back their faith on the good side.

As such Christian books very timely and popular. In fact there are lots of new authors in this area. However, not all of these books are popular, only and a very small portion of the Christian books are popular in the society. 

Below are a few elements that one must consider on how to become a popular Christian Author.

Time – A new Christian author striving for popularity must be aware of the time. He or she must be able to determine if the release of the book is timely. For example the common problem in a certain area is the increase of suicidal rate; the author must concentrate on that theme and not deviate from it. If the problem is suicidal rate the author can’t write about “Coping up after a Weather calamity.”

Book Content – The content of the book must be very different from the current popular books. As we are all aware readers have the tendency to look for the uniqueness of the contents. People have this tendency to revert back to the original piece when they noticed that the 2nd book is just something like the first one.

Marketing / Packaging and other Logistics / Advertising - The author must have a target market before he writes down the book. Also the author must be knowledgeable on the preferences of the people to where the book would be launched.

Aside from the elements stated above

Well Read – This will enable the new author to know, distinguish and finally make up his own theme of the book. A new plot which will be uniquely that of the author can be made. A big deviation from what is commonly written will entice the readers to recommend the book to others. That would be the start of the selling point, a person recommending the book to others. A domino effect.

Personal Touch – Since Christian books tackle about faith, readers usually looks for a life story. Might be that of the author or someone else’s as long as there is a hint of reality in it. This is where the readers will get the hope that they longed for. Always put your heart in the story in order for the readers to completely feel what you wanted to convey.

Know thy Bible - The concept of knowing the bible is not necessarily the verbatim part of it. It is more on the lessons and how you have used those lessons on your personal life. Hence Christian authors use stories and just incorporate bible lessons which can readily be understood by the readers.

In today’s market, the most popular Christian authors are those who deviated from the traditional and typical way of how a Christian book should be. Usually these authors are story tellers may it be their own experiences or that of others.

Submitted by: Chris Johansen

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