24 February 2015

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That Night When Moronic Antisemite Joshua Bonehill Had A Public Meltdown On Twitter...

Perhaps, the pressure of leading his brand new, but already failing, movement (losing support from his fellow neo-nazis by the minute) was too much after all for the infamous fascist, antisemite, racist and convicted serial liar, Joshua Bonehill? 
American White Supremacists Turn On Joshua Bonehill

Or, maybe, he had a Dickensian-like experience (being visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future making him realise how badly he f*cked his life up and that, because of his own misguided actions, he will be a loser for the rest of it...) that completely freaked the self-proclaimed Far Right "Leader" out?  

Who knows... 

What we do know, though, is that, on the night of the 23rd of February, some of his and one of his (alleged) alts' tweets suddenly became even more weird than usual and quickly developed into what could only be described as Twitter's own version of a Twilight Zone episode

Joshua Bonehill in "The Bonehill Zone" - Poster
(Image courtesy of Virgil Caine)
We had entered the Bonehill Zone...

From what the fascist' troll's alt tweeted, it looks like his paranoia attack was triggered when an horrific event  that happened in Manchester 20 years ago (the murder of Suzanne Capper) came to his attention... 

Twitter - Joshua Bonehill's alt about Manchester and murder of Suzanne Capper
Then, the alt started making up his own conspiracy theory, advising himself to change his name and move to a new address because he was worried that "those sickos" (I didn't know it then, but he actually meant the people he's called "leftists", among other things, for daring to criticise him) would murder and torture him (sic).

Joshua Bonehill's alt advising himself to change name and move to new address

Then, that was it, he started believing his own fantasy and posted that his murder was probably being planned right then... and, of course, being the predictable Bonehill that we all know too well, went on about having "their" families wiped out if that was what was happening. Which, as we will see in the following screenies, was what he definitely believed was happening anyway...

Of course, Bonehill performed his, now well known for having been used by him so many times in the past already, "I'll die for the cause" BS for the benefit of his imaginary supporters (notice how not even one of his thousands of "followers" actually asked him what was happening, by the way) and even compared himself with JFK (yes, I know...) in the process. 

Twitter - Joshua Bonehill performing his usual "I'll die for the cause" line...
 "That's the price I have to pay for being honest." 
Erm... Josh, you seem to have forgotten that you've been to court because of your lies and we all know that you've actually pleaded guilty. So, "honest"? Really? Pull the other one!

Joshua Bonehill's racist and homophobic campaigns plus posted derogatory comments about lee Rigby under an alias

Moronic Joshua Bonehill admits Leicester pub hoax

One of my Twitter friends decided to inquire about the  "their families wiped out" tweet... and things started to get even weirder.

Joshua Bonehill's alt accuses Beth of being involved with 20 year old murder

Not only, the "leftists" ( I use that word loosely as he tends to call all his opponents that, even the Far Right peeps) were (according to Bonehill, that is) complicit with Suzanne Capper's murder but, they were also... wait for it...

More accusations from Joshua Bonehill's alt on Twitter

Yep, you've read it right. Bonehill went as far as saying that Beth and the "leftists" were directly (sic) involved in the 20 year old murder and were planning to do the same to him! That's coming from someone who has, in advance, condemned his opponents to death, by the way...

Joshua Bonehill's final solution on how to deal with his opponents

Oh, and if you think that this could not go any weirder... Wait to see his reply to me!

Twitter - Joshua Bonehill's alt makes false and weird accusation toward Loup Dargent

Say what? Backtracking from what exactly? 

All I did was pointing out that Suzanne had been killed by her friends. and that, considering his now diminishing number of friends (probably next to zero, by now) he didn't have to worry about the same happening to him. 

Oh, and, apparently, and still according to his deranged fantasy, I was hiding the murder weapons? WTF? Really? Seriously? Why didn't he call the Police then? FFS!

I waited for what was coming after the "until -", wondering what (unknown of me) plan I had in mind but, I suppose I'll never know as, for some strange reasons, the alt just stopped tweeting and was eventually deactivated. 
More from Joshua Bonehill's alt
It looks like that tweet to me was the last of the alt's ones. Maybe he listened to me and took his meds after all?

Loup Dargent's advice to Joshua Bonehill's alt

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