24 March 2015

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Joshua Bonehill - Moronic Troll Back To His Old Tricks With Labour Party Poster Hoax!

British wannabe fuhrer, Joshua Bonehill, has been quite busy lately, sitting in  front of his computer in his lonely bunker flat and using (or should I say abusing?) Twitter for his own personal and political gains by sharing with us news and events that have only happened in the fantasist world that he has created in his deluded mind.

One of his latest stunts was tweeting the picture of an alleged poster from the Labour Party for the coming General Elections... A poster that nobody seems to have seen (apart, of course, from himsef and some of his imaginary supporters) even so it has popped up in various locations (Rotherham, London and Leicester)... apparently. 

I say apparently because it looks like the one supposed to be in Rotherham shows the local Labour candidate from a totally different area posing in front of it, and the one alleged to be in Leicester seems to have a London street sign next to it (from Camden Town, to be precise...)

And, of course, no pictures of the ones supposed to be in London have been posted.
"A world where an imaginary poster is sighted by imaginary people in locations that don't look like they're supposed to be? OMG, that can only mean one thing!
Yes, that means that you have entered "The Bonehill Zone"...

As I've mentioned before in a previous Bonehill related post (the one about his so-called 'hunger strike'), anything he says has to be taken with a pinch of salt, and that badly photoshopped picture he is using as 'proof' to his claim is, of course, no exception.

But, the Twitter community reacted quickly and posted quite a few clues proving that that poster did not actually exist and was just another hoax of his. 

Some Of The Clues

So, yep, as you can see, Bonehill has shamelessly stolen a picture from a travel agency and cut and pasted it on his fake Labour poster. Quite predictable coming from the convicted moronic troll anyway as it's what he used to do for his Daily Bale's 'articles' and other hoaxes of his such as the "Fake Missing 'Amy Hamilton'Appeal" and the "Leicester Ebola Hoax", to cite but a few... 
Nothing new under Boney's sun, really.
Straight From The Horse's Mouth
At first, the convicted serial liar tried to deny that his so called Labour poster was a fake, of course... well, for a little while anyway.

He eventually came clean and stopped his pretense. But, he then told people that it didn't matter if the poster was a fake or not and that they should share it even if it's not real.
Well done, Joshua!  Spoken like a true dictator! Hitler and Stalin would be so proud... 
Our Own 'Spot The Poster' Game
As this is "The Bonehill Zone" after all, you do have to expect the unexpected to happen and, guess what? The unexpected did happen... and, right on cue!

A poster of mine (well, a meme from Boney that I slightly corrected a while ago) started to be sighted all over the UK. Wow!

And more sightings of it also started to be tweeted!

 Of course, as you might have guessed already, this 'poster' was as real as Bonehill's Labour one. It was mainly a bit of fun, obviously, but it was also a way to demonstrate how easy it is for anyone to have 'billboards' with any 'poster' they want 'appear' anywhere and everywhere they want...
A Quick Update
Oh dear... It looks like Joshua Bonehill was not amused (see below the reply I got from one of his alts regarding the new 'poster'). 
For those of you who don't know the 'Mo' alt, yet, it was featured in Episode One (the one when Bonehill has a public meltdown on Twitter), by the way.

How To Make A 'Billboard' 
It's rather easy to make fake pics of billboards, even if you don't have any photoshopping skills... there are quite a few online images manipulator sites where you can do it in a few minutes.
See what I mean? That was made through the PhotoFunia site in no time. I could even have had it in Piccadilly Circus If I wanted! 

And again... it's very easy and very fun to make.

You might want to have your poster ready first, though... But don't worry, there are many sites online where you can do that. I make most of my 'image editing' via the Pixl.com site

The Moral Of This Story
Well, apart from the obvious one being "do not believe anything that Joshua Bonehill posts", the one specific to this post would have to be  "if someone doesn't tell you exactly where the poster they are posting a picture of is, it's probably because it's a hoax. So, whatever you do, do not ReTweet it or you will look like a right plonker!"

You can't go wrong if you follow those two basic advices... 

The Last Word
I hope you've enjoyed today's 'episode'. I know I've enjoyed playing with the pics on the PhotoFunia site... perhaps a bit too much, as I kind of got distracted and missed the deadline for this post (oops!), but, hey, I needed to experiment with it on your behalf first, didn't I? (That's my excuse anyway and I'll stick to it whatever anyone else says...)

Anyway, have fun and stay safe! 

Loup Dargent 

The Bonehill Zone's Extra Bit

A little while ago, Joshua Bonehill being the media whore that he is, decided to gate crash a  LBC radio show hosted by Cristo...

That didn't go as well as he hoped, though. Click on the pic below and listen to that great comedy gold moment!

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