22 April 2015

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Bonehill Vs Anon - The Story So Far... [Statement From Anonymous Devon Included!]

Perhaps, Joshua Bonehill thought that he hadn't made enough enemies already when he decided to engage the Anonymous Devon account on Twitter?
Unfortunately for the moronic troll, an attack against one Anon account usually means an attack against the whole Anonymous movement, so it didn't take long before other Anon accounts joined in and tweeted back at the pint sized fuhrer and his alts...
The tweet that started it all was one where Boney, being his usual stupid and pathetic self, called Anonymous Devon a left-wing paedophile. They would probably have ignored the left-wing bit as it's now common knowledge that, whatever their political views are, anyone disagreeing with the ginger dwarf are automatically branded as leftists. But, they definitely didn't take kindly being called paedophiles, somehow (who would blame them for that, anyway?) and the rest is, well... history.
It looked like the weekend was going to be a fun and exciting one... 
I actually did better than just bring my friends and family, I advertised the epic battle on our Facebook Page >> here << with a link to the Twitter convo. No half measures when it comes to share that kind of joy with the world! 

Due to the moronic hoaxer having managed to get himself arrested over nasty tweets he allegedly sent to Jack Monroe (He'll never learn, will he?), the 'Twitter battle' had to slow down a bit...
Click on picture for full story...
It didn't completely stop though as Boney's alleged little helper found himself under fire while his fuhrer was in Police's custody. Yep, karma was biting more than just one backside on that day! 

Like for the main battle itself, I made a thread with screenshots and links >> here << on our FB Page. So, do feel free to have a look and see justice being served one tweet at a time...

The Twitter battle between Bonehill and Anonymous is still carrying on right now... I'll, obviously, try to post updates on the Facebook Page as often as humanely possible. 

Who knows, we might even get a 'Bonehill Vs Anon - Part Two' Episode soon(ish) if things go the way I've predicted on the Facebook post (fingers crossed and all that...)

And now, for the piece de resistance...  

Statement From Anonymous Devon
Joshua Bonehill-Paine is a deluded little 22 year old from Yeovil who makes people's lives a misery with his moronic lies and fabricated stories.

He recently branded INNOCENT people paedophiles online even making up wanted posters, causing one man to lose his business.

He has impersonated MPs etc... to further cause misery. 

He recently tried to start his own Political Party and declared himself MP of Bassetlaw following an online dispute with the local MP.

He caused a pub to close and its staff faced death threats over a fake story about the Globe in Leicester.

His party launch was a total flop as Anonymous operatives followed him and can confirm his press release about new time and location was a hoax.







Beware the Court of Owls, that watches all the time, ruling from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime.They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed, Speak not a whispered word of them or they will send the talon for your head."

The Bonehill Zone Facebook Page
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Visit/Like the Page for more Bonehill related stuff, updates, videos, etc... and fun! Lots of fun!


Loup Dargent

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