23 March 2016

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Elaborate Banksy Exhibition in New Museum in Amsterdam

BANKSY 'TORTOISE HELMET STEEL' 55 X 75 CM 2009 (PRNewsFoto/Moco Museum)
New museum on Museum Square in Amsterdam opens its doors with exhibitions of Banksy and Warhol
Moco / Modern Contemporary Museum will open its doors to the public the beginning of April. The opening exhibition will combine works of art by Pop Art-protagonist Andy Warhol and Street Art-legend Banksy. 
BANKSY 'CORRUPTED OIL - JERRY' 50 X 60 CM 2003 (PRNewsFoto/Moco Museum)
The new museum for modern and contemporary art located on the Museum Square in Amsterdam wants to reach out to a wide, international and young audience. During the exhibition there will be more than eighty works of art from both artist, among which the 3 x 4 meters painting "Beanfield" by Banksy, which was showcased last in 2009. A very important canvas that characterises Banksy as an activist artist.
BANKSY 'BEANFIELD' 250 X 350 CM 2009 (PRNewsFoto/Moco Museum)
Moco museum is a private initiative by Lionel and Kim Logchies, owners of LionelGallery on the Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam. For more than eighteen years the couple has worked with works of art by renowned names within the international art scene. From Picasso to Koons, from Hirst to Basquiat.
BANKSY 'FOUR MONKEYS' 75 X 75 CM 2001 (PRNewsFoto/Moco Museum)
The couple now gives Banksy, who has been at the top of the art world for more than two years, the unauthorised exhibition he deserves. Before the artist was known to secretly place his works of art in museums.
By establishing the Moco Museum they are able to show the top pieces of art which would normally stay outside the reach of the general public. Many artworks are given on loan to the museum by an international network of initiators.
WARHOL 'MARYLIN' 90 X 90 CM 1967 (PRNewsFoto/Moco Museum)
Moco Museum :
Exhibitions Banksy 'Laugh now' & Warhol 'Royal'
Address: Honthorststraat 20 / Museumplein, Amsterdam. The Netherlands

SOURCE: Moco Museum

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