5 February 2017

Let's Denounce Trump's Appointment of Steve Bannon!

Image via Daily Kros
The following is another email I've received earlier on and, as usual, I'm very keen to share with you guys (and ladies)... It's from the peeps at Daily Kros and it's about a campaign regarding Donald Trump's having appointed  Steve Bannon (former CEO of the Breitbart "News" site and current unelected president of the US) on the National Security Council.

You probably know the drill by now: feel free to read the email and act accordingly.

Thanks in advance

Stay safe!

Loup Dargent

Bonus Piccy:
(Courtesy of The Loupster)
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The Email:
"Loup, this is terrifying. President Trump just removed top military and intelligence officials from our National Security Council -- and appointed Steve Bannon in their place.

You read that right: Trump just gave a white nationalist unprecedented power over our national security.

SIGN ON: Condemn Trump’s appointment of white nationalist Steve Bannon.

Bannon is the mastermind behind Trump’s cruelest executive orders.

Grassroots pressure is the ONLY way to reverse this disastrous decision.

Will you demand Bannon's removal from the National Security Council immediately?

Add your name today and join DCCC in this fight to take Bannon OFF the National Security Council.

Keep fighting,Kimm Lett, Daily Kos

Paid for by DCCC."

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