6 February 2017

NUNE Short Film Rewards #LGBTQ Global Millennial Fan Base with Direct-To-Fan Digital Release

A shy Nune Lusparian meets American Beauty in NUNE
LGBTQ, short film Nune by Ji Strangeway of GYATRi Media will be digitally released on VHX with a special offer of 99 cents for 3-day streaming on February 14, 2017, Valentine's Day.  VHX is a direct film distribution platform acquired by Vimeo.
Nune (pronounced noon-nay) tells the story of a 15-year-old Mexican-Armenian girl, who creates a fantasy world to escape the pain of social rejection and bullying. 
The arthouse film gained momentum on social networks, with a message that strikes a chord with queer-questioning millennials and their allies around the world.  Yet, fans eager to see the movie on VOD have waited over a year due to online distribution restrictions imposed on films under review by the film festivals.
After discovering the political agenda of film festival competitions and the oversaturation of films in the indie marketplace, the director deemed the prospective platform irrational and unfit for reaching Nune's true audience. She regrets not taking her movie direct-to-digital sooner.
"The festival route always felt wrong for my film. Direct-to-Fan streaming technology was at my fingertips," said Strangeway. "That's what all this amazing self-distribution technology is here for, so the independent artist can reach their audience. Yet, I didn't take full advantage. Instead, I stuck to the path of film festival exposure. I had forgotten my spirit of independence."
Brianna Joy Chomer and Jessica Lauren star in NUNE, an LGBTQ short film by Ji Strangeway
To reward the movie's growing fan base and to celebrate film independence, Nune will stream on VHX at a discount price of 99 cents for three-day rental (reg. $3.99) on February 14, 2017
Broad streaming options include computer, smart mobile devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, and VHX Roku channel.  Nune fans outside the USA (in countries, such as BrazilIndiaAustralia and various parts of South AmericaAsia, and Europe) often face sales restrictions imposed by providers, such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. On the VHX platform, 
Nune will stream globally in the spirit of Valentine's Day, apropos for the story's theme of heroism and romance.
  • Nune 99 cent Valentine's Day special can be redeemed with this code: "IHEARTNUNE" at http://g-la.us/99
The Official Trailer: