1 May 2017

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Top 10 Best Anime With The Most Action

"The team’s muscle comes in the form of Revy, a wild gunslinger who will shoot first and ask questions later. She might sound bad, but when your enemies could range from anything like remnants of the Third Reich or a pair of incestuous vampire twins, Revy and the rest of Lagoon look like saints....."

Black Lagoon (License: Image author owned) 

Rezan Ferdous

Hey guys! it's been another amazing year for Anime.

Here are my picks for the top ten anime of the year! All of these are Anime series that I really enjoyed and they're definitely recommendations to everyone. Also you can find some of the best cartoons episodes here.

Let's get started!

10: “Katanagatari” (2010)

Brutal yet beautiful. For those that love nothing more than to kick back and enjoy old samurai flicks filled with rhythmic sword battles, then look no further.

Centred on our two young and dynamic leads Shichika and Togame, one a fearsome swordsman without a sword, the other a cheerful strategist, both set out on a mission to gather twelve legendary katanas - but in order to do so must defeat their not-so-helpless owners.

Backed by a compelling romance, and with each episode a brilliantly self-contained arc, you will truly feel like you’ve been on a hero’s journey.

9: “Drifters” (2016)

Alternative history has never been so bloody. Gathered from all across time, several legendary figures such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are gathered together in order defeat The Ends; a group made up of some of history’s worse villains that range from Gilles de Rais and Gregori Rasputin.

Even if you’re no expert on their past deeds, their unique characterisations and deadly talents for combat will have you riveted. Oh, and there elves, because every fantasy needs buxom elves in need of saving!

8: “Cowboy Bebop” (1998-99)

It may be a future filled intergalactic travel and spaceships, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of bounties in need of grabbing. Aboard the titular Bebop, the rag tag crew of bounty hunters get themselves into all sorts of misadventures across the galaxy.

With several self-contained episodes that sees the crew taking on dangerous bounties along with the overarching battle with the Red Dragon Syndicate, the fire fights, dry humour and extravagant combat - largely due to Spike’s insane martial arts prowess and marksmanships skills - are sure to hit their mark.

7: “Kill la Kill” (2013-14)

On the hunt for her father’s killer, the young and fiery Ryuko Matoi soon finds herself taking on the fearsome school council that rule over Honnouji Academy with an iron-fist.

Each enemy is armed with uniforms that imbue them with superhuman abilities, and they’re all led by one of anime’s most badass ladies; Satsuki Kiryuin.

The result is a blend of the magical girl genre that never slows down for even a second, mixing together striking visuals with an unashamedly erotic edge as Ryuko’s clashes against Satsuki literally light up the screen.

6: “Darker than Black” (2007-09)

If you like your action with a hint of political conspiracy, then The Black Reaper has got your covered. Following the emergence of spatial anomalies over the world, certain individuals, dubbed Contractors, are gifted with destructive abilities – the perfect tools for assassination.

Along with a secret organisation known as the Syndicate throwing its hand in, the conflicts between opposing Contractors make up the bulk of the series, and given the range of their powers, battles can get pretty intense. 

Oh, and it’s all helmed by Hei aka The Black Reaper aka Chinese Electric Batman.

5: “Hunter x Hunter” (2011-14)

In a world filled with undiscovered riches and terrifying beasts, those that wish to seek them must first prove themselves as Hunters. Attracting all types, from the naïve Gon, to the lethal Killua, we’re presented with a number of interweaving storylines as each strives towards their goals.

The dynamics between the heroes certainly make for a good time, but where it really shines is its fight scenes. Take all your favourite anime tropes from tournament arcs, to insidious antagonist groups, and that one seemingly unstoppable antagonist, the series raises the bar with its superior storytelling and downright brutal fight scenes.

4: “Samurai Champloo” (2004-05)

Taking the beauty and set-pieces of Edo-period Japan and layering it with some pretty heavy modern-day Western influences and you have just what might be one of the strangest yet most successful fusions in Anime.

After all, nothing compliments intense sword fights more than hip hop. Focusing on an unlikely trio of polar opposites, the three set out on a less than peaceful journey to find the “samurai who smells like sunflowers.” 

Not shying away from violence all the while fully embracing its east-meets-west context, this is the ideal pick for those that enjoy the more artistic side to swordplay.

3: “One Piece” (1999-)

An Anime about pirates was never going to be free of conflict. As Luffy and the rest of his crew search for the treasure left behind by the legendary Gold Roger, not only do they end up fighting against rival pirates as well as the likes of the marines, but they do so while harnessing the power of the Devil Fruits; items that, you guessed it, grant them superpowers.

Throw in the fact some battles are literal war scenes on an unprecedented scale, the sheer variety (and insanity) of enemies that Luffy must face down make for simply monstrous action.

2: “Dragon Ball Super” (2015-)

Why not Dragon Ball Z? Because everyone and their cat has watched that. So if we’re making a suggestion here it’d be to check out this killer sequel.

Goku and his crew return, greeted to several new arcs that focuses on expanding the DB lore, all the while giving up plenty of new foes for them to let loose a Kamehameha at! Once you get past the movie recaps, you have some absolute gem arcs like the Universe 6 Tournament and the battle against an evil version of Goku. If you’re not on it yet – GET ON IT.

1: “Black Lagoon” (2006)

Mercenaries, pimps, thieves, weapon-dealing nuns and a Russian Crime Syndicate. Welcome to Roanapur. On an island thriving with vice, you have Lagoon Company, a for-hire service that prove that crime does indeed pay.

The team’s muscle comes in the form of Revy, a wild gunslinger who will shoot first and ask questions later. She might sound bad, but when your enemies could range from anything like remnants of the Third Reich or a pair of incestuous vampire twins, Revy and the rest of Lagoon look like saints. Saints who most certainly know how to bring the heat.

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