9 November 2017

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Ted Naifeh to Kickstarter Heroines Graphic Novel

Courtney Crumrin Author Campaigns for New Superhero Graphic Novel

The Heroines Cast
The Heroines Cast
Ted Naifeh, creator of Princess Ugg and Courtney Crumrin, is set to launch a Kickstarter in partnership with Space Goat Publishing for his latest passion project, Heroines

The campaign will focus on the Heroines graphic novel -- a digest-size, perfect-bound collection of all eight issues of Heroines totaling over 200 pages of content. It will be published under Space Goat's Backpack Editions.

"All my life, I've been a fan of superheroes in one form or another," said creator Ted Naifeh. "And I've always wanted to explore the genre, to see if I could tease out something new. Working outside the mainstream and with readers directly on Kickstarter gives me the creative freedom to do just that."
Ted Naifeh's Heroines - Logo
Ted Naifeh's Heroines
Heroines tells the tale of Marcy Madison--fresh out of college, blessed with brains, boundless optimism, and a nifty superpower. Marcy's greatest ambition is to make the world a better place. And what better way to do that than become a superhero? But Marcy soon finds the world of superheroes an impenetrable boy's club, mired in pessimism, and more than ready to dismiss her. 

  • Determined to blaze her own trail, she sets out to find like-minded heroines,fellow outsiders who want to do things their own way. But if there's one thing more dangerous than fighting evil, it's rocking the boat.
The story of Heroines is currently only half told. The crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds for the second story arc and the manufacturing of the graphic novel. 

Ted Naifeh's Heroines
(image via Fresh Comics
There are a variety of tiers for fans of Naifeh's work in this Kickstarter campaign, including the option for backers to receive signed copies of original #1s of Courtney Crumrin, Princess Ugg, and Heroines as well as cameos in the graphic novels--and even commissions available only for Kickstarter backers.


Created in 2006, Space Goat Productions has 150 years of combined experience producing comic books, tabletop games, video games, commercial art, and concept design. 

They have worked on global brands and produced commercial art with Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Marvel Comics, DC Entertainment, Disney Interactive, Nike, Universal City, Penguin, Capstone, Scholastic, and more. 

Their new tabletop game division, Space Goat Play, launched with the Evil Dead 2, Terminator, and The Howling board games to critical acclaim. 

Ted Naifeh's Heroines
(image via Fresh Comics

Bursting onto the scene as co-creator/illustrator of goth romance comic Gloomcookie, Ted Naifeh is best known for Courtney Crumrin, the multi-volume horror-fantasy adventures of a tween curmudgeon witch and her warlock uncle. 

In 2014, Ted wrote and illustrated Princess Ugg, the adventure of a barbarian princess going to princess finishing school. 

  • Courtney Crumrin has been nominated for several Eisners, and remains a popular mainstay on the shelves of discerning comics shops. 
  • Princess Ugg has garnered much praise from the comics community and beyond.

SOURCE: Space Goat Productions

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