14 May 2019

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Could You Take Your Interests To The Next Level With A Blog?

"Years ago, people just started blogs for their own interests only – so you also get to tick two boxes off here. But you can also look to make it a full-time money-making job for you too. Let’s take a look at how..."

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A laptop (image via Unsplash)
In life, we all have interests, that much is true. However, we don’t always get to take them that seriously or indulge in them as much as we perhaps might like. And that’s easily done. Because life is busy and we all have commitments that tend to take priority over some of the things that we love. When you love sports or books or baking or art, you may find that you don’t tend to have much time for it compared to when you were younger. Now that you have a job, a social life, a family, and financial commitments too – it can be hard for you to work out exactly how you’re going to enjoy your interests and get everything done that you need to. So you don’t. And you stop. Yet, this can then go on to affect your happiness in life.

So what can you do? Well, the first thing to think about is for you to actually make more time for your interests. Yet, with an already busy calendar, this can seem a little crazy. So the next thing for you to contemplate, is perhaps pursuing your interests as more of a career move. Now, moving into a new career field can seem a little impossible – so this is where blogging comes in. Years ago, people just started blogs for their own interests only – so you also get to tick two boxes off here. But you can also look to make it a full-time money-making job for you too. Let’s take a look at how.

Identify Your Passion

To start with, you need to make sure that you know what your passion is! This sounds a little silly, but it’s easy to think that you’re passionate about something that maybe you just like. Instead, you need to want to take this interest to the next level and really look to make something creative with it.

Find One Hour A Day

Now if you’re worried about finding the time to do this, just commit an hour for yourself. You should be able to get up earlier in the morning to secure that precious hour, or stay up one hour later if you’re a night owl. If you are serious about making this work, then you need to dedicate this time for yourself, so you can actually make it happen!

Choose Your Niche

Now, you need to decide on your niche for your blog. The first exercise should help you here. So decide what of your interests you want to turn into a career, or at least enjoy blogging about. Maybe it’s health and fitness? Maybe it’s a career choice? Maybe it’s a hobby? Pick your niche or general niche, and get ready to begin.

Invest In It

This won’t always be the case, but when it comes to making this work out, you need to make sure that you’re in the best possible position. So, ask yourself – do you need to invest a bit more in your niche to feel ready to write about it? Should you take a writing course or train to become a personal trainer or get your master’s in finance? If you feel like you need to brush up on your skills or knowledge in order to showcase yourself as an expert on the matter.

Get Hosting

Now it’s time for you to get everything set up. The start of that is always with hosting. Because in order for you to build a blog, it’s needs to be hosted somewhere. Take a look at the platforms available and choose a provider and plan that suits you.

Choose Your Domain

And now, you need a domain to go along with it. For this, you’re going to want to think strategically about the right name. And it’s hard for you to choose the best domain name – but not impossible. Think of catchy names to go along with your branding or your niche. Maybe even your own name? See what’s available and register the domain.

Get Writing

Then you just need to write. Even if you’re waiting for a design to be made for you, or you’re still making tweaks to a template, you need to make sure that you have some posts ready to go. And not only that – it’s good to get into the habit of writing regularly, so that you can get a content schedule up.

Build Your List

At the same time, you should also be thinking about how you can grow your marketing list. Because when it comes to engaging your audience and being able to grow your presence online, you really do need to have an email database. This is a great way to directly market to your audience. And the sooner you can start the better. So aim to build your list right off the bat, as your first subscribers are often the most loyal.

Market More

The next thing that you need to do is continue to push your marketing. And while you’ll definitely want to be strategic here, you don’t overly need to put too much time and attention into the what and why. Yes, align your tactics with your goals and audience, but then, just make sure that you are pushing on with content and actually getting it out into the world – as this will help you to grow.

Grow As You Go

Finally, you’re then going to want to make sure that you’re able to grow as you’re going along. Don’t overthink it or look too far ahead, just aim to put the work in everyday, to consistently grow what you’ve got, and then aim to monetize are you’re doing so. If you start to use affiliate marketing from the start, or even advertising if that’s what you want, you know that this will work out for you. Because when it’s there from the beginning, you can start to earn a little money, and it will all become easy for you to take your interest to a full-time paying gig!

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