28 October 2019

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Living With An Environmentaly Friendly Focus: Can You Do More?

"As someone who may feel strongly about these views, are you doing all that you can to live with this focus, and to help spread awareness? "

A cup of coffee and a laptop...
A cup of coffee and a laptop... (image via Pixabay)
Some people have big views on the way the modern society is changing. The use of carbon emissions in our city centres. The way we have created such a wasteful lifestyle, and how we can take convenience as a matter of importance. There is the failings of vulnerable people being reported everyday, and the protests of peace for the whole world that can be ignored. So as someone who may feel strongly about these views, are you doing all that you can to live with this focus, and to help spread awareness? With that question in mind, here are some of the things that you could consider.

It isn’t just about what you say

Sometimes it isn’t just about what you say to people, you need to be able to share and spread awareness with information that has the right level of facts and also information that supports what you are saying. This is when you may want to look online and find websites that are full of information on the subject, such as websites like https://www.wopg.org/ where peace of words and different speakers will help to share and express your views in a different way.

Using digital platforms to your advantage

A great way to help share what you are doing and the changes that you are making to your life and the way that you live is to use digital platforms to help spears the awareness a little more. This could be easily done through already established personal social media channels that you have. It might be a case of sharing articles or speeches that mean something to you, or simply sharing what you are doing to make a change. You could also use an online blog to write about it in more detail. Sharing your articles with people and also helping them to spread awareness through the information and the content that you have written.

Practice what you preach

Another option to consider would be to seriously practice what you preach. That might be things like living more sustainably. This could mean things like growing your own food, and recycling more. It could mean that you live more consciously, such as using less plastic on a day to day basis to help reduce the amount of consumption that is polluting our seas right now. You could also change the way your home is energised by opting for solar panels as an option instead. There are many ways that you can live in the way that you believe in, that doing so can help you to lead by example with others following.

Find people that share the same view

Finally, it may be worth finding people that share the same views and opinions than you. This is different to seeking out confirmation on websites and through online blogs set up by others. This could be in your friends, your co-workers, and the people you lease with day in day out.
Let’s hope these suggestions help you to live with an environmentally friendly focus in your life.

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