16 November 2019

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How To Keep Branding Consistent In Business

"The online world has never been so influential and powerful. So it’s really important that there’s always a constant monitoring of the brand’s voice online, no matter how big or small the content is that you create and promote..."

Black pencils and design word
Black pencils and design word (image via Pexels)
Brand consistency is important, even down to the fonts you use in-house for your company. It shows a level of professionalism and commitment to making sure that the brand as a whole is fluid, from social media platforms to literature you hand out to clients. So here are some tips to keep branding consistent in business.

Give Your Staff The Relevant Branding

As new staff members come in and the content you produce online and through business continues, it’s good to ensure that every staff member has the relevant branding tools needed to do their work. This even comes down to the company font that they have when having conversations over email. Look at what might be missing or needs amending throughout your business branding and figure out why this might be. Your staff are essential to what is produced throughout your company, and if you don’t take the time to make sure everyone has the right branding tools, there’s likely to be errors and mistakes made. As your company grows, you want to be paying more attention to everything that is going out because it ends up being seen by a lot more people, some of which who love to point out the negatives. It might be worth to have a regular check-up to ensure that every staff member is using the right font and styling for everything they work on, and that is seen by customers and clients.

Look Back On What Exists Already When Creating Something New

Whenever something new is being created, it’s good to look back on the content and things you already have out there. It’s a great springboard to ensure that you’re still remaining consistent with your brand, no matter how many staff members come and go in the existence of your business. Try to keep an archive when it comes to your branding and also to have some instruction documents on how your business branding is conducted across the various platforms that the business uses. With any business, attention to detail is important and the more consistent you can be when it comes to branding, the more recognizable the brand will be to your customers and even those who are not yet customers. It’s all about providing an imprint and a mark on the map of the business industry you’re in.

Establish Brand Personality On Social Media

With any corporate identity, it’s essential that you have a brand personality. How do you want to come across to your customers and to the public in general? Is there perhaps a certain personality you want to stick to in order to attract your niche market or do you want to open up the potential for more customers from a wide range of areas. It’s never too late to change the personality of your brand, but once you’ve nailed it, it’s important to remain consistent from there. Social media is a powerful tool and one that all businesses can benefit from. This is where your personality is put into the spotlight, and it is therefore, necessary to ensure that you have that same personality online, no matter who is controlling your channels. Whether that’s a number of people in-house or if you outsource the work to a company. Like social media, it’s important to keep this communicated between those involved in representing the brand’s voice online.

The online world has never been so influential and powerful. So it’s really important that there’s always a constant monitoring of the brand’s voice online, no matter how big or small the content is that you create and promote.

Have A Branding Police Squad

Unless there’s someone constantly looking at all the material and checking that it’s aligned with the company’s branding, things can get missed, and mistakes can be made. So, it might be worth it for your company to think about creating a branding ‘police squad’. This could be a group of staff members, all within different departments who are responsible for keeping an eye on the branding guidelines of the company and making sure that they are met. Pick those that have a keen eye for detail and don’t get bored of taking their time when looking over various amounts of content and documents.

Keeping brand consistency is essential, particularly in today’s modern society. It’s harder to become recognized amongst the noise. So have those who can make sure those branding guidelines are being obeyed and have guides and archives that you can look back on should they be needed as a reminder.

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