10 August 2020

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#WindBuildsTheFuture: The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Is Celebrating American Wind Week 2020 [Videos Included]

Over 100 Governors, Mayors, and Government Officials across 37 states declare August 9-15 American Wind Week

#WindBuildsTheFuture: The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Is Celebrating American Wind Week 2020
This American Wind Week, AWEA thanks the 120,000+ wind workforce for keeping the lights on for millions of families and businesses as the country continues to navigate challenging times.
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is kicking off American Wind Week 2020, the fourth annual national celebration of U.S. wind energy leadership. 

  • During American Wind Week, AWEA, its 1000+ members, and the thousands of diverse U.S. wind supporters highlight the many ways wind is helping build the future.
"After a decade of significant growth, wind power last year became America's number one source of renewable energy. During this year's American Wind Week, we celebrate the more than 120,000 Americans working in the wind industry, as well as all the wind champions across the country that helped make this achievement possible. This year has been one of immense challenge for our country as we strive to overcome the public health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. wind industry stands ready, now more than ever, to keep pushing forward and to help our country build a stronger economy and a cleaner future." – Tom Kiernan, AWEA CEO.
"2020 should be remembered as the year wind worked for America. At the height of stay-at-home orders, wind farms produced enough electricity to power 32 million homes in both April and May. Those turbines were kept spinning by the tens of thousands of essential wind workers, including nearly 7,000 Vestas essential employees. We have proven wind is essential today and wind will be essential tomorrow." – Chris Brown, AWEA Board Chair and Vestas North America President.
Wind power is proud to be red, white, and blue, with operating wind projects or manufacturing facilities in 70 percent of U.S. Congressional districts and jobs in all 50 states. That is why we are honored that so much of the country has joined us in proclaiming this week American Wind Week.
#WindBuildsTheFuture: The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Is Celebrating American Wind Week 2020
Laramie County Community College Instructor, Steve Hrkach, on training future Wind Energy Technicians.
Eighty-six percent of Americans think the U.S. should put more emphasis on using clean, renewable wind energy, according to a July 2020 online consumer survey conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of AWEA and released today. 
These results build on a June 2020 Pew poll, which reported eighty-three percent of Americans support building more wind farms. During Wind Week, we celebrate this widespread and bipartisan support.
You can follow Wind Week at americanwindweek.org, or through social media using #AmericanWindWeek and #WindBuildsTheFuture.

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the limitations placed on in-person events, American Wind Week will look different than in past years, with most of the events taking place virtually. 

However, while it might look different, we are celebrating with just as much fanfare, with special events running every day following distinct themes:

Monday, August 10: Essential Workforce: Wind workers are on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19, helping to keep the lights on every day for millions of Americans. Electricity is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, and wind workers are there to keep the electrons flowing. Electricity is a necessity, not a luxury, and our workers are ensuring we have access to that necessity.

Tuesday, August 11: Economic Recovery: Wind is set to play a key role as our nation's economy strives to bounce back from the damage of the current pandemic. Wind is creating new U.S. manufacturing jobs, wind technician is the country's second-fastest-growing job, and the wind project pipeline is at a near-record high. Offshore wind is posed to play a major role in the recovery, creating 83,000 jobs in a decade and launching a brand-new U.S. supply chain. Through this recovery, we can create a cleaner future filled with opportunity.

Wednesday, August 12: Wind Power Champions: American wind power dedicates a day to honoring its federal and state-level wind champions, who are making it possible for wind to build a stronger economy and cleaner future. This select group of bipartisan Senators, Congressmen, and Governors has embraced a forward-thinking approach to energy policy, allowing wind to become our country's largest renewable energy source while employing over 120,000 Americans across all 50 states.

Thursday, August 13: Community Investment: Thursday highlights wind's nearly unmatched investment in rural America, providing farmers with a drought-proof cash crop and rural communities with revenue to invest in their future. We also give a special focus on the many efforts our 1000+ members are taking to help communities overcome the challenges of COVID-19.

Friday, August 15: Corporate Buyers: Businesses purchased a record amount of U.S. wind power last year and now represent 10 percent of all operating wind capacity in the country. These Fortune 500 companies, like Walmart, General Motors, Budweiser, and McDonalds, are making the move toward wind power as they strive to meet sustainability targets and improve their bottom lines. Companies powering their stores, factories, and data centers with wind energy is no longer just a trend—it is the new normal for doing business.

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  • Visit AWEA's website to learn more about the enormous economic benefits wind power brings to America.

SOURCE: American Wind Energy Association

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