29 October 2020

The Price Of Football A Decade Ago

The Price Of Football A Decade Ago
 People Watching Football/Soccer Game (Photo by Tembela Bohle)
With football making the news because of the launch of Premier League Box Office, we thought we would delve into the archives and discover how much it used to cost to enjoy the sport.
A BBC report ten years ago revealed that Newcastle United was the cheapest Premier League team, whereas Arsenal was the most expensive. We take a look at each of the areas the BBC analysed in their report. You can compare this with the prices you are charged to see how the expenses really have super-sized in recent times. Of course, some of the clubs mentioned are no longer in the Premier League.

So, who was the cheapest football club to visit back then? On Tyneside, you could get an adult match day ticket for £15. This is the same price as Premier League Box Office games today! This means that Newcastle also provided the cheapest day out for fans as well. This is based on the accumulation of the price of the ticket, a pie, a match day programme and a cup of tea – which came in at £23 at St. James’ Park. Other clubs that offered a matchday experience under £30 include Aston Villa, Fulham and Wigan. Can you get a matchday experience for £30 today?

These prices are a stark contrast to Arsenal’s. The North London club boasted the most expensive day ticket at £126, the most expensive day out at £134.30 and the most expensive season ticket at whopping £1955!

In fact, Arsenal is the only team in the league which charged over £100 for a ticket a decade ago. The second most expensive day ticket could be found at Chelsea at a price of £87 and the third most expensive ticket was a trip to White Hart Lane at a price of £81. Of course, Spurs have since moved. Places where you could get the best seats for good prices include West Brom and Sunderland where their most expensive tickets are £39 and £40 respectively. Sunderland has moved down the leagues since, so if you’re staying in student accommodation in Sunderland, football is definitely a good day out to consider.

As mentioned, Arsenal boasted the most expensive season ticket as well. Tottenham were not far behind them as their most expensive season ticket costs £1,845. The two North London clubs and Chelsea make up the three clubs in the league that have tickets available for over a grand.

Furthermore, with regards to season tickets, it may not come as a surprise that Wigan offered the cheapest in the top flight. However what may be surprising is that the then champions, Manchester City, offered the second cheapest in the league at £275. Newcastle then followed behind at £322.00.

The Manchester clubs haven’t been shown to charge their football fans too much as of yet, but when it comes to a cup of tea it’s a different matter. You would pay £2.50 for a cup of tea at the Etihad or Old Trafford, this is the most expensive out of all the grounds in the UK. Wigan, Reading and Swansea offered the cheapest tea at £1.80.

And finally, pies! Wigan again offered the cheapest pies at £2.30. However, travel to Craven Cottage and you better expect Gordon Ramsey behind the counter because there’s costed a whopping £3.90 10 years ago!