26 February 2010

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The One About England's Football Legends

Genuine football legends share how it feels to wear the England shirt

At last a post that my kids will read and won't mind being seen reading...
They're lovely kids, really... but when it's football's World Cup and/or European Cup time, they usually turn all BNP on me, loudly supporting the English team (they're born in England and their mum is British) but not allowing me to make my support to the French team too vocal. Hmmph! 

(I'm only joking, they're not that bad.)

The video for today's post is a film where football legends are interviewed in a way that lets us see them as everyday heroes... people who have simply achieved their personal best.

  • Terry Butcher expresses how it feels to put an England shirt on – that it has the ability to inspire you to realise that you could be making history. His story about wearing the shirt, looking in the mirror before games and feeling a sense of readiness for the challenge of playing is summarised perfectly in his line ‘right, let’s go!”.
  • Viv Anderson communicates the sense of positivity he felt with the entire country right behind him when he played his first game for England. We also realise how he proudly rose to the occasion of being England’s first black player.
  • We feel Bert Williams’ sense of self-belief shine through as he explains that putting the England shirt and badge on made him ‘feel on a different planet!’
  • We begin to appreciate the sense of inspiration Stuart Pearce must have felt when he expresses the feeling of being in the England team for the first time. We also understand the sense of achievement he must have felt being selected for England after all his efforts to get there - it is summarized perfectly in his line ‘it’s not bad for an electrician.’ Most poignantly we realise the scale of the challenge he must have faced in rising to the occasion of walking out against Brazil to a crowd of 92,000 people.
  • Hope Powell’s sense of positivity is felt as she explains how playing for England felt like being in a fairytale.
  • And finally, as Martin Peters relates his experiences of being picked for the 1966 England squad we appreciate the personal efforts he must have made to get there and the pressure he must have felt to rise to the occasion of playing for his country in a World Cup final.

Yep, genuine football legends and everyday heroes...

I can see a competition coming on...

Ah, yes... It's for our readers living in the UK, and the winner could be Mars' official reporter at England’s pre South Africa training camp. Not a bad prize, is it?

Tell the competition's organisers why you should go and you could be a winner! Simples.

 Enjoy the video and good luck to our British readers...

Loup Dargent

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