12 December 2014

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Wolf Paintings

Wolf paintings are among some of the more popular of wildlife art. It may be a portrait of a single wolf or of the pack or a mother with her pups. The most popular of the aforementioned are lone wolf paintings.

There is something mystical about this animal that seems to summon different feelings from people that no other type of art does. That may be because these creatures have been feared for so long and not understood.

Fairy tales and popular literature do not help in this animal’s defense either. They have also been an enemy to livestock, and that is just one of the many reasons these animals have been placed on the endangered species list. Some of the species have gotten to the point of extinction in some parts of the world.

In the recent years, these animals have been able to pull themselves out of endangerment in many areas in the world and thrive. Much of that is due to the protection they receive being on the endangered species list, as well as with the help of many conservation groups.

Many conservationists also attribute this to the many wolf paintings and sculptures that have recently been created and displayed. Some of them tell the story of this animal and the cycle of survival it has gone through.

Other pieces show its beauty and strength, and some show their vulnerability. Even as ferocious as they may appear, there is a vulnerability to them that it seems only artists are able to convey to the rest of us. It is easy to see why wolf paintings are so popular.

In our lives, most of us will never get that close to a wolf, let alone, see their different personalities. Wolf paintings do that for us. They can show the many sides to this animal we may never have the opportunity to see.

Many cultures see this animal as an animal of strength, a survivor, and a leader. They have named their leaders after this incredible animal in their own native tongue as an honor.

There are many different types of artistic works when it comes to these animals. From sculptures, statues, figurines, and paintings, these animals are portrayed in many different ways.

There are also many positive books explaining the necessity of these animals to our wildlife. There are beautiful photographs that some very talented photographers have been able to take of these creatures in the wild.

Maybe one of the reasons that artists can portray these animals so accurately is because they can relate to them in some small way. These animals are survivors, many coming back from almost complete extinction. 

We have all heard the term struggling artists, and these animals have seen many struggles of their own. They travel in packs, much like human families, and most of us can relate to that as well.

Most artists also have a way of seeing into the heart of their subjects better than the rest of us. That's what makes art, art. That is also what has made these animals such a treasured piece of art in one's home.

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