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19 December 2014

Celtic Advent Blends Cultures


Celtic Advent in the pre Nicene church, early Christianity that pre-dates the Nicene Creed, the roadmap of what Christians, Catholic and Protestants believe. was very different than what we celebrate in the modern time. First Celtic Christianity participated and flourished in this period right up though the middle ages and had its own unique way of celebrating the season of Celtic Advent.

The Celtic Church was given this name to describe the period before the missionaries arrived. St. Patrick a famous saint arose out of the Celtic Christianity era for Ireland Wales and Scotland. He was a British missionary, maybe the most famous of all the Saints to rise out of this time approximately the 5th century. Although, from a historical perspective ironic, Ireland was evangelized and converted by the British Missionaries of which St. Patrick was a participant.

17 December 2014

Advent Tradition Circles Around a Wreath


If you ask any Catholic, they will tell you the season of Advent is a period of penance and preparing their heart for the coming of the Baby Jesus. But although not part of the Holy See’s opinion on Advent, the advent wreath, advent season and the family activities helps families stay focused on the real meaning of the season, Jesus, and not the commercialism Christmas has become. 

12 December 2014

Wolf Paintings


Wolf paintings are among some of the more popular of wildlife art. It may be a portrait of a single wolf or of the pack or a mother with her pups. The most popular of the aforementioned are lone wolf paintings.

There is something mystical about this animal that seems to summon different feelings from people that no other type of art does. That may be because these creatures have been feared for so long and not understood.

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