13 April 2015

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Joshua Bonehill - Moronic Nazi Troll At It Again With Diane Abbott Poster Hoax!

The Bonehill Zone - The Imaginary Diane Abbott Poster

In 'Episode 2',  We saw that, a few weeks ago, convicted serial liar Joshua Bonehill tweeted the picture of an alleged poster from the Labour Party for the coming General Elections... A poster that nobody seemed to have seen (apart, from himself and some of his alts) even so it had, according to him, popped up all over the UK... A poster that, of course, didn't actually exist and was just another one of his hoaxes.
The Bonehill Zone - Episode 2: The Imaginary Labour Poster
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Well, guess what? The pint sized Nazi is now doing it again with a new one (featuring Labour MP, Diane Abbott, this time...), that he claims has been put up in Hackney... 

But, of course, like for the previous 'poster', nobody has been able to to give the exact location of that one either.

This time, Bonehill went the extra mile, and stories about the 'poster' started to be published in blogs that appeared to be pro-UKIP... I say 'appeared to be' as it very quickly came to light that those blogs had been set up for the sole purpose to promote the hoax and had nothing whatsoever to do with UKIP. 

As you can see, the little wannabe fuhrer has been rather busy lately... and that's on top of (so he claims anyway) having 'brought down' Hope not Hate, rewriting history about an alleged 'accident' he had in a Tesco store some years ago (defecating in one of the supermarket's aisles, apparently...),  and making a 999 call to report a so-called 'conspiracy' and... a fake girlfriend. Wow! 
EDL News headline: "Joshua Bonehill Calls 999 To Report A Fake Girlfriend"
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We have managed to find the street where the poster is supposed to be displayed, by the way. Yep, it's in Hackney alright, but the street itself (well, at least the space around the billboard) seems to have been frozen in space as it looks exactly (apart from the 'poster', obviously) like a picture taken in 2005! Double Wow, indeed! 

Yep, as you might have guessed by now, you have, once again, entered 'The Bonehill Zone'...

"How on earth, is that possible? Has actually Bonehill managed to go back in time, take the original poster down, put his poster up, take a picture, take his poster down and then put the original one back up?" 
Err... no. He  just Photoshopped the darn thing instead.

The original picture (before having been Photoshopped) can be found in an article titled "The Function Of Public Art For Regeneration Is To Sex-Up The Control Of The Under-Classes", with many details about it, including the date it was taken (August 2005) and the name of the street where it was taken and its exact location (Roding Road, Homerton High Street, Hackney, London)

Now, let's compare it with the one Bonehill uses as 'proof' of his claims regarding Diane Abbott's electoral campaign... 

Let's look carefully at the opened window, the state of the wall, the shadows, the rubbish bags, the Tesco bag (oh yes, my irony klaxon went on overdrive when I saw that the carry bag was a Tesco one), etc... and play Spot The (lack of) Difference... Yep, apart from the 'poster' itself, everything is exactly the same. Busted!

The Moral Of This Story
 Same than for 'Episode 2', really... so here it is again.
 Well, apart from the obvious one being "do not believe anything that Joshua Bonehill posts", the one specific to this post would have to be  "if someone doesn't tell you exactly where the poster they are posting a picture of is, it's probably because it's a hoax. So, whatever you do, do not ReTweet it or you will look like a right plonker!" 

You can't go wrong if you follow those two basic advices...

The Bonehill Zone's Extra Bit
Apparently, but only in Bonehill's mind obviously (and hopefully!), a 'rally' with zero attendance is a success...  Welcome to the Bonehill Zone... cue The X-Files theme music...
EDL News Headline: "Joshua Bonehill launches new political group in a park in front of 2 cops, 2 journalists and 3 antifascists"
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The Bonehill Zone - Facebook Page
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Nope, you haven't read it wrong... The Bonehill Zone has now its own Facebook Page! 

This is where we will add extra stuff, material, updates, videos, links to other Bonehill related stories, etc... 

(Maybe, even some sneak previews of future 'episodes', who knows... In The Bonehill Zone, the cyber-sky is the limit!

Have fun!

Loup Dargent

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