16 April 2015

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UK: Has Your Candidate Said Yes To Ending Extreme Poverty?

"The UK general election is an important milestone on the road to ending extreme poverty. But which of your local candidates are really committed to helping make this happen? Let's find out!"
"ONE.org is asking all candidates to sign the Just Say Yes pledge to ensure that most UK aid goes to those who have the least, that women and girls are put at the heart of international development and that all parts of government work together to build a better and safer world."
The ONE.org team has now launched a nifty online tool that will allow you to check if your candidates have signed the pledge or not. 

Want to know more? Pas de problème, it's all explained in the email I've received earlier which I've copied and pasted (with links and all...) below for your perusal.


Loup Dargent

The Email
"Dear Loup,

It's just three weeks to the general election and the pressure is on parliamentary candidates to secure your vote. 

Across the country we've been asking them to sign our Just Say Yes pledge which means that, if elected, they will do what they can to help end extreme poverty.

Today we've launched an online tool that will allow you to see instantly if your candidates have signed. And if they haven't, you can write to, tweet at, call or meet them to ask them to Just Say Yes to signing the pledge. 

The heat is really on. We need bold commitments. Call on your candidates to Just Say Yes.

Thank you for your support.

Saira O'Mallie, ONE.org"

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