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11 August 2020

Hip Hop Public Health Completes Trilogy Of COVID-19 Music Video PSAs With Release Of #BehindTheMask [Video & Lyrics Included]

Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) Completes Trilogy Of COVID-19 Music Video PSAs With Release Of Behind The Mask
Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) Completes Trilogy Of COVID-19 Music Video PSAs With Release Of Behind The Mask (PRNewsfoto/Hip Hop Public Health)
Building upon the momentum and public engagement generated by 20 Seconds or More and 20 Segundos o Más, the high-impact music video PSAs that have become global anthems and rallying cries around the importance of handwashing in the fight against COVID-19 since launching in April and July, respectively, Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) today released Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask is an original new song and music video designed to increase the use of face masks as an effective means of stopping the spread of the coronavirus around the world. It is the third installment in a trilogy of COVID-related music video PSAs produced by Hip Hop Public Health, the New York-based, nonprofit organization founded in 2006 to build health equity through the transformative power of music, art and science. 
With the number of coronavirus cases continuing to rise around the country while disproportionately affecting communities of color, the goal of Behind the Mask is to proactively address the issue by driving the conversation and debate around COVID-19 safety protocols into action with culturally relevant and compassionate messaging.
Behind the Mask was written by multi-platinum composer Quennel Worthy, and features Grammy-nominated vocalist Raheem DeVaughn, backed by Grammy-winning rapper Darryl DMC McDaniels from Run-DMC and the iconic rapper and HHPH Co-Founder, Doug E. Fresh. With medical oversight by Dr. Olajide Williams, Co-Founder of Hip Hop Public Health and Chief of Staff, Department of Neurology, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Behind the Mask utilizes HHPH's evidence-based behavior change Multisensory Multilevel Health Education Model

  • The video focuses on proper mask-wearing techniques while incorporating culturally tailored, personalized themes that drive a strong emotional connection to the message, which in turn has been shown to facilitate behavior change.
"There is unequivocal supporting evidence that masks reduce the spread of COVID-19, and this is related to the scientific consensus that the infection can occur from inhaling droplets containing the virus," says Dr. Olajide Williams. "Masks act as a barrier to these infected droplets of saliva that are expelled when we sneeze, cough, or even breathe heavily. They protect those around us from being infected by us, and this is especially important because of the people in our communities walking among us who do not exhibit symptoms (asymptomatic people). The more people that wear masks, the more we are able to reduce the spread of COVID-19 - and to demonstrate this point, one study from the University of Washington showed that if 95% of the public wear masks, we would avoid approximately 34,000 more deaths by October 1, 2020."
Hip Hop Public Health created Behind the Mask as the cornerstone of a major public health education initiative that began in April at the height of the pandemic in New York with 20 Seconds or More, followed by the Latino community-facing 20 Segundos o Más campaign in early July. 

  • Together, these campaigns have reached over three million people around the world through the viewing and sharing of the videos, significant social media traction and international media coverage.
A running theme encapsulated in the Behind the Mask song is love: how our actions or inactions can dangerously impact those we love, and how, from behind the mask, we are promoting community and neighborhood health, while protecting and saving the lives of our loved ones and those with whom we come into contact daily. 

The music video PSA features guest appearances by well-known and everyday New Yorkers – artists, public health experts, religious and civic leaders, athletes, media personalities, entertainers and families, all wearing masks or demonstrating proper donning, doffing, and storing for re-use techniques. Among the participants are: rappers Niko Brim and Rob Base; New York Jets linebacker, James Burgess; Broadway legend Irene Gandy; Chief Jeffrey B. Maddrey, NYPD Chief of Community Affairs; Commissioner Benjamin Tucker, NYPD First Deputy Commissioner; DJ Dee Wiz, touring DJ and Producer; author and poet Jacqueline Woodson; music executive Sal Abbatiello; award-winning broadcaster Cheryl Wills; Rick Patel, Deputy Special Agent in Charge, Homeland Security Investigations, New York; radio personality Sasha the Diva; and, virologist Dr. Angela Rasmussen (full list of participants).
"Behind the Mask is a love letter and an ode from the people of New York to everyone around the world," says Lori Rose Benson, Executive Director and CEO of Hip Hop Public Health. "The song's lyrics literally bring people together with a message of love, unity and hope. Our work is far from over, and we see Behind the Mask as a natural way for Hip Hop Public Health and our supporters to advance our mission of propelling the dialogue and action around COVID-19 forward with kindness and humanity at the heart of our message and towards our goal of stopping the spread."
Says Doug E. Fresh, "Behind the Mask is a classic R&B-inspired track infused with the forthrightness of hip hop to deliver a vital, lifesaving message. Continuing on this journey with my friend Darryl DMC McDaniels as we join forces with 'The Love King' himself, Raheem DeVaughn, will hopefully move people and inspire them to wear a mask to protect themselves and their loved ones."
Raheem DeVaughn adds, "It was an honor to collaborate with Hip Hop Public Health, Doug E. Fresh and Darryl DMC McDaniels on this project. Everyone has, in some way, been impacted by COVID-19 and we all need to listen and adhere to the message of Behind the Mask as a symbol of love, a symbol of trust and a way forward to a better future."
As a long-time supporter and Advisory Board member of Hip Hop Public Health, Darryl DMC McDaniels comments, "I know first-hand how music, and naturally, hip hop can impact people in a positive manner. Behind the Mask is a powerful example of this and I am convinced that it will make a difference."
Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) Completes Trilogy Of COVID-19 Music Video PSAs With Release Of #BehindTheMask
Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) Completes Trilogy Of COVID-19 Music Video PSAs With Release Of Behind the Mask (Hip Hop Public Health)

Behind the Mask -The Lyrics:

Behind The Mask
By Q. Worthy, Barnard “BJ” Gray, and Joshua Banks

(Verse1 )
A symbol of love
A symbol of trust
Between us
I wear it for you
You wear it for me
A promise
I put on the mask
Out of respect for the masses
And all those left behind
To salute and honor
All the first responders
Battling on the front lines

You got my back
I got your back
Behind the mask
It’s not
Much to ask
We’ll save the world
From behind the mask
If you feel alone
Just know
You’re not invisible
Cause I still see you
Behind the mask

Now we can’t pretend
The state that we’re in, is not dangerous
One minute we’re close
Then six feet away like strangers
There’s a virus outside
Threatening all of our lives
And we can’t let it in
Not just for you but for all
To prevent a loss
We put on the mask for them

You got my back
I got your back
Behind the mask
It’s not
Much to ask
We’ll save the world
From behind the mask
If you feel alone
Just know
You’re not invisible
Cause I still see you
Behind the mask
Yeah I still see you
Behind the mask

Now here’s a little story about this year
Who woulda thought we would end up here
Fresh decade we was barely in it
New year came wit a world pandemic
But it’ll get better
The storm we’ll weather
Heads held high as we stand together
We gotta do our part to stop the spread
All pull together like we never did
First, wash your hands make sure they’re clean
20 secs or more is what I mean
Put ya mask on don’t matter what kind
Cloth, surgical, N95
Before you take ya mask off
Go and wash ya hands off
Fold it up outside in so the germs touch
Store your mask in a paper bag
Then one last time go and wash ya hands

Behind the Mask - The Video:

  • The Behind the Mask video was produced by IDEKO, a New York-based experiential production agency. To learn more, please visit

About Hip Hop Public Health:

Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) is an internationally recognized organization that creates and implements multimedia public health and education interventions designed to improve health literacy, inspire behavior change and promote health equity. Based in New York City, HHPH was founded in Harlem in 2006 with the mission to empower youth and families around the country – and the globe— with the knowledge and skills to make healthier choices, reducing preventable health conditions. Through a research-driven developmental process created by Columbia University Neurologist Dr. Olajide Williams (a.k.a. the "Hip Hop Doc"), Hip Hop Public Health works with socially conscious artists and public health experts to create scalable, highly engaging, culturally relevant music and multimedia "edutainment" tools.

The Hip Hop Public Health team, led by physical education veteran and public health leader Lori Rose Benson, is a collective comprised of not only health and education professionals (including nutritionists, public health researchers, teachers, physicians, behavioral scientists, and a student advisory board), but also proven-successful multi-media professionals and A-list iconic rap stars and pop artists including Doug E. Fresh, Chuck D, DMC of Run DMC, Ashanti, Jordin Sparks, as well children's television writers/producers (formerly of Sesame Street). All HHPH music, videos, comic books, video games and guidance documents are available for free and can be accessed on its online resource repository.

SOURCE: Hip Hop Public Health

4 August 2020

Darwin200 Undertakes Circumnavigation of UK to Conduct British Ocean Health Check in Preparation for Global Planetary Conservation Initiative

Darwin200 Undertakes Circumnavigation of UK to Conduct British Ocean Health Check in Preparation for Global Planetary Conservation Initiative
Darwin200 has chartered the stunning tall ship Pelican of London for its UK voyage. Managed by charity Adventure Under Sail, it offers a unique environment for educating young people; encouraging equality, inclusiveness and passion through adventure and challenge
UK-based Darwin200 Limited announces today that it will utilise the stunning tall ship, Pelican of London, to circumnavigate the UK with specialist environmental scientists onboard to mentor a group of young scientists. These scientists will conduct a programme of observations, experiments, discussions, and problem-solving sessions related to the health of the UK's surrounding waters.

  • The voyage sets sail from Folkestone on 5 August and in a clockwise circum-navigation of the British Isles, will call in at Southampton, Plymouth, Cardiff, Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Hebrides, St Kilda, Orkney, Shetland, Edinburgh and London, where the journey ends with a sail-through Tower Bridge. It will be moored in London for a week where live lectures will be broadcast off the ship.
Stewart McPherson, Darwin200 project leader, says, "In preparation of the Darwin200 global voyage, we're embarking on a UK-wide initiative that brings along ten new scientists to carry out a detailed science programme throughout the 59-day project. We're planning on a host of activities such as live lectures, citizen science project updates, and we'll be publishing findings from the science programme on a daily basis, where we hope to engage tens of thousands of young people across the UK to look at the health of the UK waters and better understand marine conservation."
Darwin200 is delighted to partner with the University of Plymouth to lead the science programme onboard the UK voyage, which has been designed by Drs Charlotte Braungardt and Richard Sandford from the University's School of Geography, Earth and Environment Science. Its aim is to develop a solid understanding of the marine environment through a broad range of activities, observations and experiments that explore the physical structure and chemical composition of the ocean, its ecology and life sustaining functions for the planet. 
Dr Braungardt states, "We're extremely pleased to be involved in this project and mentoring the onboard scientists where we will encourage them to investigate the human impact on this awe-inspiring environment and discuss ways to address it on all levels, from individual behaviour to high-tech and global governance solutions."
The UK launch will test the outreach platform and onboard systems for the global voyage, which will harness the legacy of Charles Darwin by re-tracing his journey onboard HMS Beagle 200 years ago. 

The prime objective of the global project is to find 200 next-generation global conservation leaders and inspire 200 million people by providing a platform of free, interactive resources for all school children, university students, teachers and the general public. 

During a 2-year around the world voyage, currently planned to start in 2021, five global research projects will be conducted and the 'world's most exciting classroom' will visit the same 50 ports where Darwin made landfall. At these ports, the ship will be met by teams of 4 young scientists, called Darwin200 Leaders, who will use the ship as a floating laboratory to conduct the same experiments Darwin did himself, discover changes that have occurred over the last 200 years and put forward solutions to reverse any detrimental impact to the natural ecosystem.
Stewart concludes, "The team's vision is to change the world by creating the next wave of determined young conservation leaders, whose careers spanning several decades, will build a brighter future for our planet."

  • The UK voyage marks the start of this epic vision and the Darwin200 team are calling on anyone who would like to get involved in the global voyage, be that a young scientist, a mentor, sponsor or part of the crew sailing from port-to-port. Let the adventure begin!
SOURCE: Darwin200

20 July 2020

Dallas Children's Theater Paves The Way For Online Access To 'Andi Boi', A Groundbreaking Play Focused On A Transgender Teen

Dallas Children's Theater Paves The Way For Online Access To 'Andi Boi', A Groundbreaking Play Focused On A Transgender Teen
Dallas Children's Theater Paves The Way For Online Access To 'Andi Boi', A Groundbreaking Play Focused On A Transgender Teen (Photo credit: Karen Almond)
Dallas Children's Theater (DCT) is pleased to be announcing the online release of 'Andi Boi'. This groundbreaking play about a transgender teen is part of DCT's series of internationally-recognized teen issue plays. 

  • Originally presented on stage in February 2020, the video-on-demand production also includes a talkback with members in the LGBTQ community. Co-produced with Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in partnership with First Unitarian Church Dallas, the production will be able for viewing for $20 beginning Monday, July 20, 2020 at
'Andi Boi' is a great tool for schools, churches, corporations, and LGBTQ organizations that are interested in creating meaningful dialogue within the community. As part of DCT's mission to integrate the arts into classroom academics, for schools, a downloadable Behind the Curtain Resource Guide is also available. 

The guide is intended to provide helpful information for a teacher to use before and after seeing the production. The activities presented in the guide are designed to stimulate lively responses and multisensory explorations of concepts in order to use the theatrical event as a vehicle for cross-cultural and language arts learning. It is an opportunity to use theater as a springboard for dynamic learning, extending the dramatic experience of the play.

'Andi Boi' is about Andi, a transgender teen entering his first day of high school identifying as a male. Former classmates recall his last name when they hear it, but there is something different about Andi that keeps the dots from connecting clearly in their minds. Soon his new teachers, classmates, and his classmates' parents will figure it out. How will they react? With aggression? With compassion? With confusion? 

Inspired by one teen's journey, 'Andi Boi' is told with a sensitivity towards Andi and uses wit, heart, and warmth to help audiences find their way to greater compassion and awareness.
"DCT has made it a priority to present stories about teens caught in difficult situations and the tough barriers they face, in part, because so little energy is focused on teens. This means a wall of confusion and rejection often meets them," said Robyn Flatt, Founder and Executive Artistic Director of DCT. "By offering 'Andi Boi' online, we will broaden awareness and understanding of these young people as human beings, as vulnerable young people among us. Hopefully through this knowledge and experience, we can provide a supportive space during their search to find true identity, and as a result, we make the journey less painful."
A recent report from the CDC (Center for Disease Control – the USA's health protection agency) reveals that two percent of high school students in the United States identify as transgender. Yet, it is clear that the experiences of each child are distinct and run the gamut from very difficult and life threatening to that akin to any teen going through a challenge. As such, the producing team wants to be clear that this play is far from an attempt to suggest every child's journey is the same. 'Andi Boi' is one story about one life that is largely devised by a playwright. It is not intended to represent an entire community, but rather be a starting point for conversation.

DCT commissioned local playwright, Bruce Coleman, to write 'Andi Boi'. His first decision was to speak with some of the two percent of high school students who identify as transgender. For Coleman, this included talking to a young boy who recently transitioned and his parents. Using these conversations and research as inspiration, Coleman said he deliberately decided to use honesty and humor as tools for telling this story in hopes that it would have the broadest possible appeal. Coleman hoped to create an atmosphere of good will and understanding that will help audiences begin an important conversation around this topic. "I hope as people get to know Andi, they'll also get to know something about themselves," Coleman said.
"As a gay man, I too kept a secret from my family until it became impossible to deny who I was anymore." Coleman continued, "I feared rejection from family and friends as they discovered who I am, but I ultimately took that rejection and turned it into strength. I have been pushed at by a society that wants to squeeze me into a box and force me to be a thing that goes against everything that makes me this person I am. But when all has been said and done and because of a strong belief in myself, I can finally achieve my heart's desire: To be seen, to be respected, and to be treasured. It's all Andi and I are asking for."
DCT co-produced 'Andi Boi' with Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and in partnership with First Unitarian Church of Dallas. Texas Instruments, Capital One and PwC are part of the collaboration which has national funding support from the Theater Communications Group (TCG) and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. Theatre Communications Group (TCG) awarded DCT and its partners a grant to support the production and the events surrounding 'Andi Boi' to help theater organizations implement and refine ways to increase audience engagement and community development with a focus on young audiences.

Over the past 15 years, DCT has offered several teen issue plays that examine topics including bullying, learning differences, teen brain development, eating disorders, and dating violence. Subject matter resources lead a discussion after each of these types of performances. At the performances, teens and parents are provided information and perspective on the topic, as well as guidance on how to navigate the inherent trauma imbedded in these situations. Online, DCT has amassed a host of links and resources for audiences.
"I believe theater provides a powerful tool during our children's transition to adulthood by spotlighting some of the serious challenges they and their peers encounter along the way," Flatt said. "It is up to us to help all our children, irrespective of color, creed, or gender orientation, to have a safe space for physical growth, an environment for creative discovery, and an open door for tolerance and acceptance."
Dallas Children's Theater Paves The Way For Online Access To 'Andi Boi', A Groundbreaking Play Focused On A Transgender Teen
'Andi Boi', courtesy of Dallas Children's Theater. (Photo credit: Karen Almond)
  • 'Andi Boi' partnering sponsors are: Texas Instruments, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Capital One.

About Dallas Children's Theater

Dallas Children's Theater features professional actors performing for an annual audience of 250,000 young people and their families through mainstage productions (9 in the 2019-2020 season), a national -touring company, and an arts-in-education program. As the only major organization in Dallas focusing solely on youth and family theater, DCT builds bridges of understanding between generations and cultures, instilling an early appreciation of literature, art, and the performing arts in tomorrow's artists and patrons.

15 June 2020

Should you Invest in a PA System?

Should you Invest in a PA System?
Should you Invest in a PA System? (Photo Credit: cottonbro)
There are many different uses for a PA system these days. A PA system is generally comprised of a system of microphones, amplifiers, speakers and other equipment that is used to provide sound for large venues or even buildings in which a lot of people are congregated, to easily pipe sound into various rooms and areas. The microphone converts the sound into voltage, which is then sent to a mixer or loudspeaker for amplification, and then is fed through the speakers. The higher the voltage, the louder the sound. Different types of businesses, groups and individuals need different levels of sound - some need the most basic amplification for smaller rooms or venues, while others in larger buildings or outdoor events need something much larger and louder. PA systems of various types are used in schools, businesses, concert venues and arenas, bars and restaurants, auditoriums, warehouses, and even on aircraft or ships. Obviously, there are many different types of PA systems and setups out there for various industries and uses, ranging from the very elaborate to the reasonably small and easy to install. It all depends on how much amplification you need.

Do you think a PA system is right for you, your band, your business or school? Chances are the answer is yes! PA systems are a great investment and well worth the money; because they come in so many different types, sizes and setups, you can easily find one that accommodates your needs and is within your price range. Many local musician and electronics shops have staff that will be happy to talk with you about your needs.

If you’re interested in installing a PA system for your business, venue or event you may be wondering what type to get and whether you can set it up yourself. Depending on your size requirements and the type of PA you’re interested in, there are lots of different tutorials out there; for instance, this basic guide for how to set up a PA system. It can definitely save you money to set your own PA system up, just make sure you do it right!

Depending on what you need it for, you might need a specific type of PA system. It’s important to do your research to determine what type is right for your specific location and use. Here’s a few examples:


If you’re a musician who wants to invest in your own PA to carry around to gigs, house parties and recording/practice sessions, you may want to invest in a PA that’s already assembled and easy to transport. Nobody wants to spend an hour or two before a show setting up a PA and installing a bunch of equipment. Luckily, several music supply stores carry ready-assembled basic PA systems that have great sound, are easy to use, and easy to transport, giving you convenience and accessibility so you can focus on the music.

These are also great for other types of performers and those in industries that need to transport their PA for other in-public performances, lectures or events.


Most schools these days, whether it’s a K-12 school or an established university, utilize some sort of PA system to make it easy to communicate with students and faculty, as well as make announcements, amplify assemblies, games and events, and so on.

Most schools have custom PA systems that are installed by a professional, so you’ll likely want to hire a professional in your area to set up the PA system in your school. Take the time to compare costs and look at different PAs to determine which one is right for the size, layout and uses of your individual school.

Wifi PA systems are becoming increasingly popular around the country, with various schools choosing to go with these for the ease of access and how easy they are to install.


If you run a big business with lots of staff that are scattered across a large building, or if you run a warehouse, manufacturing plant or assembly line, a PA system is going to be your best friend. Being able to communicate over speakers to all of your employees is definitely a more efficient and safe way to speak to your employees while they’re working in various parts of the building. Having a PA system makes it so much easier to find a staff member who might be elsewhere in the building or make announcements while people are busy on the floor.

Because so many warehouses are crowded and dealing with heavy or dangerous equipment, having a wireless PA system is really important. Tangled wires, heavy speakers and bulky audio equipment is only going to get in the way and potentially get damaged and/or cause accidents. Luckily there are many great wireless PA systems on the market especially designed for businesses, manufacturers and warehouses. Some can be installed on your own and others may require a professional install.

Churches and Religious Institutions

Many churches and religious institutions are beginning to use PA systems for a variety of needs. They find that having a PA system eliminates the need for their religious clergymen and women to shout and yell across a congregation that may or may not hear them due to hearing difficulties. A PA system adds a little professional polish to a church service while making sermons and meetings more accessible. Many smaller churches choose to go with PA systems that are easy to install and set up on their own, but they sound every bit as good as one that was professionally installed.

These are just a few examples of businesses, groups and people who have a need for PA systems. Setting up your own custom PA system for your individual needs is easier than you think, and you’ll be thrilled with the accessibility and amplified sound that they can provide you. Whether you choose a ready-assembled PA system, a system you install yourself or have an elaborate PA system set up by a professional, you’ll be thrilled when you see how a PA system can improve your business, school, church or band.

What People Want From Higher Education

What People Want From Higher Education
What People Want From Higher Education (Picture by Gerd Altman from Pixabay - CC0 Licence)
Rankings are no longer the top priority for most students. Higher ed, in general, has taken a backseat for many, as most adults are put off by prospective debt. And so, finding what will motivate and attract people to higher education has never been more critical. It's not enough to assume students are only thinking about picking a school program that will hopefully lead to better job prospects. Getting to know what potential students want is part of the puzzle that can help your educational establishment interest the public.

Of course, prosperous universities need an amalgamation of strategies to entice and convert new customers. For instance, based on higher ed marketing trends, focus on mobile-optimized websites and apps are necessary. Alongside a compelling social media marketing campaign to entice newbies. However, before implementing your marketing strategy, you need to pinpoint what your USPs are and whether you can offer what the students want.

Welcoming Culture

It's the first feeling every prospective student wants; they want to feel welcome and treated as an individual as opposed to another student! Successful colleges and universities foster an inclusive atmosphere where students, teachers, and faculty respect one another. Ignorant staff and uninterested teachers turn off new people from colleges and universities. After all, if an individual is going to spend the next few years at lectures, study groups, and perhaps even live on campus, they need to feel comfortable and a sense of belonging.

To Be Inspired

To feel as though a teacher's words have resonated so profoundly with a student or class, it motivates young individuals to strive for more in their lives, give them direction and help them seek a purpose. Inspiration is one of the differences between providing general education, and one that will dazzle its students.

Equally, gateway opportunities to gain experience gives students confidence the college or university does not just leave students to their own devices to get a job or start a business when their education has finished. Great higher ed offers students the opportunity to bridge the gap between their education and employment by supporting other needs such as soft skills and self-confidence. Colleges and universities that frequently network and utilize their contacts to create opportunities for students are viewed upon fondly.


Students from low-income backgrounds are often put off by the prospective mountain of debt they set themselves up to accumulate if they venture into higher ed. More grants, bursaries, and scholarships advertised to the public show that a university values its role in promoting equality in society. By giving more opportunities to people from low-income backgrounds and low socio-economic status. If you provide scholarships, make it known, not just on your website, but reach out to schools and deprived areas to show people what your school has to offer.

Students seek out education for many reasons, and it's not always about getting a job. For example, some students study to meet other people's expectations of them, and others want to get away from home. Getting into the "best" school is essential for some, and enduring something challenging is what attracts others. Research and source what people want, and present the part of your school that performs those needs to draw new customers in.

13 May 2020

World Health Organization Announces The Launch of The WHO Academy and The WHO Info Mobile Apps

WHO announces the launch of the WHO Academy app designed to support health workers during COVID-19, and the WHO Info app designed to inform the general public.
WHO announces the launch of the WHO Academy app designed to support health workers during COVID-19, and the WHO Info app designed to inform the general public.
Today, the WHO Academy, World Health Organization’s lifelong learning centre, launched a mobile app designed to enable health workers to expand their life-saving skills to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app provides health workers with mobile access to a wealth of COVID-19 knowledge resources, developed by WHO, that include up-to-the-minute guidance, tools, training, and virtual workshops that will help them care for COVID-19 patients and protect themselves.
With this new mobile app, the WHO is putting the power of learning and knowledge-sharing directly into the hands of health workers everywhere,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. 
The app is built around the needs expressed by 20,000 global health workers in a WHO Academy survey conducted in March of 2020.

The survey found that two-thirds of respondents feel they need to be more prepared, particularly in infection prevention and control, case management, use of personal protective equipment and occupational safety, and risk communication and community engagement.

An overwhelming majority of respondents said virtual learning on demand would be helpful in preparing for COVID-19 challenges.

The establishment of the WHO Academy, based in Lyon, France, is planned for launch in May 2021. The state-of-the-art lifelong learning centre, will apply the latest technologies and adult learning science to meet the learning needs of millions of health workers, policy makers, and WHO staff around the world.

The WHO Info App.

Also today, WHO will launch the WHO Info app which will give millions of people real-time mobile access to the latest news and developments. WHO has developed the app from the ground up with an intuitive user-interface and a clean, smart design. From the COVID-19 front, the WHO Info app will provide the latest WHO initiatives, partnerships, and to up-to-date information on the race to find medicines and vaccines for fighting the disease. The number of COVID-19 cases, organized by country, and by timelines, are continually updated in the app from the official WHO COVID-19 data streams.

SOURCE: World Health Organization (WHO)

6 May 2020

Korean Pop Music Video "Be The Future" Released to Media and Schools to Urge Youth to Stay Safe During COVID-19 [Video Included]

Korean Pop Music Video "Be The Future" Released to Media and Schools to Urge Youth to Stay Safe During COVID-19
Korean Pop Music Video "Be The Future" Released to Media and Schools to Urge Youth to Stay Safe During COVID-19
Millenasia today released "Be The Future," a K-Pop music video encouraging young people to take measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. In releasing the video, the Millenasia Project band urged the world to unite in support of the 1.5 billion learners who have been affected by school and university closures as a result of COVID-19.

The music video -- starring Millenasia Project, a project band composed of K-Pop artists AleXa, Dreamcatcher and IN2IT -- was conceived by Millenasia and created in partnership with the Varkey Foundation, as a member of UNESCO's Global Education Coalition.

According to UNESCO, 1.5 billion students and youth across the planet have been affected by school and university closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In direct response, UNESCO launched the Global Education Coalition to facilitate inclusive learning opportunities for children and youth during this period of sudden and unprecedented educational disruption.
Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director General for Education at UNESCO, said, "I am delighted that these K-pop artists have united to send an important message about staying safe during this global pandemic. Our Global Education Coalition is determined to do all it can to facilitate inclusive learning opportunities for the 1.5 billion students and youth across the planet that have been affected by school and university closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Crucially, we're determined to put the teacher voice at the heart of our mission to give every child their birthright; a good education."
The Varkey Foundation, which established the annual US $1 million Global Teacher Prize to shine a light on the global teaching profession, was also excited to partner on the new music video.
Sunny Varkey, Founder of the Varkey Foundation and Global Teacher Prize, said: "This music video is a fantastic way to ensure important messages about COVID-19 reach young people throughout the world. I am delighted that this video features 2020 Global Teacher Prize finalist Yun Jeong Hyun, highlighting how teachers across the world continue to inspire, even as the world shifts under their feet. Now, more than ever, we must shine a light on the world's teachers."
  • The music video was created to remind young people that whilst they may not have symptoms of the virus, they can still transmit it to family or extended family members.
This music video offers a candy pink and pastel colored narrative with sassy performances, an adorable Siberian tiger mascot and the bebop spunk expected from Korean pop music. "Be the Future" offers a glimpse of a different time not so long ago, reminding us there is still optimism and small joys even in the worst of times.
"With hundreds of million fans around the world, K-Pop has proven to be a global sound for music," Keiko Bang, CEO of Millenasia, said. "We really wanted to make sure we were able to use a medium that would be family-friendly, but more importantly resonated with the youth."
The Millenasia Project band
The Millenasia Project band
AleXa said, "I strongly hope that this song and its message of health catches young people's attention. Don't let the seclusion get you down, it's important to stay connected to school, teachers and friends."
This is one of the first times K-Pop has been used as part of a UNESCO initiative and is a tribute to the medium which has accumulated more than an estimated 400 million fans in over 230 countries and regions worldwide. "Be The Future" delivers a universal and profoundly important message that will resonate with people from all walks of life.
Yeontae of IN2IT said, "My third-grade teacher taught me that at the very least we should all try to make a difference with our lives. Now that we are suffering by COVID-19, I can make a difference by staying at home and caring for my parents."
The Millenasia Project band was filmed and recorded just outside of Seoul, South Korea in late April with the production exercising best practices for social distancing at work. The music video collaboration was conceived, produced and released by Millenasia in just 4 weeks with composition, lyrics and choreography turned around in just 2 weeks.
Dreamcatcher's SuA said, "These are difficult times, but I hope everyone will keep their spirits up and I hope our energy in the music video will give you strength."
IN2IT, Dreamcatcher, and Alexa, based on their international and multicultural backgrounds, from Malaysia to Oklahoma, convey this sincere message in a simple but powerful way.
IN2IT, Dreamcatcher, and Alexa in a joint statement said: "We urge the world to unite to support the 1.5 billion learners who have been affected by school and university closures as a result of COVID-19. Amidst this crisis the world has discovered new reserves of creativity, compassion and resolve. We must ensure that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on education actually strengthens, rather than weakens, our resolve to fulfill every child's right to a good education".

The Video:

  • "Be The Future" is available now through Millenasia's YouTube channel, and on Apple Music, Spotify, Melon, Anghami, Boomplay, and 25 music platforms around the world. 
  • For further information on this significant project and the music video, please visit

About the Artists:

  • AleXa, a Korean-American Oklahoma-born artist, starred in the reality shows, Rising Legends and Produce 48. Her debut single "Bomb" reached #7 on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart with more than 12 million views as of May 2020.
  • The up-and-coming all-girl group, Dreamcatcher, has made a big splash on the K-Pop scene with their edgy music videos like "Scream," and was nominated in the 2017 MNET Asian Music Awards for Best New Female Artist.
  • IN2IT : After successfully winning on the wildly popular Korean music TV reality survival show 'Boys 24', the K-Pop boyband IN2IT have had 3 Top 10 on Korean album charts hits in 2017/2018 and have embarked on Asian and European music tours in 2018/2019.
The Millenasia Project band
The Millenasia Project band

About the Partners:

  • Millenasia is a next-generation media company focused on targeting Asian millennials. They primarily focus on fandom, influencers, original and branded content, e-commerce, interactive social media, and technology-led storytelling.
  • The Varkey Foundation believes every child deserves a vibrant, stimulating learning environment that awakens and supports their full potential. We believe nothing is more important to achieving this than the passion and quality of teachers. We founded the Global Teacher Prize to shine a spotlight on the incredible work teachers do all over the world and we continue to play a leading role in influencing education debates on the status of teachers around the world.
  • UNESCO is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) aimed at contributing "to the building of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education, the sciences, culture, communication and information."


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14 April 2020

Hip Hop Public Health Launches 20 Seconds or More Initiative Harnessing the Power of Music to Encourage Hand Washing and Other Safety Protocols Amongst Young People to Battle the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rap Icon Doug E. Fresh and Songwriter Artie Green Collaborated on New Song and Video, 20 Seconds or More, Featuring 40 Recording Artists, Entertainers, Medical Workers, Athletes, and Business and Civic Leaders
Rap Icon Doug E. Fresh and Songwriter Artie Green Collaborated on New Song and Video, 20 Seconds or More, Featuring 40 Recording Artists, Entertainers, Medical Workers, Athletes, and Business and Civic Leaders PRNewsfoto/Hip Hop Public Health)
Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) the national nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering positive health behavior change through the power of hip hop music since 2005, today launched 20 Seconds or More, a new initiative to encourage hand washing and other safety protocols among the nation's youth. 

The focal point of 20 Seconds or More is a lively, three-minute music video featuring pioneering rapper and community health advocate, Doug E. Fresh, along with more than 40 noted individuals from the entertainment, sports, medical, civic and business sectors. These include a range of talents such as rappers DMC, Monie Love and Chuck D, pop and R&B singers Ashanti and Jordin Sparks, along with Jamie Foxx, Cedric The Entertainer, UNC NBA prospect Cole Anthony, Olympian Benita Fitzgerald Mosley and many others

Dr. Olajide Williams, Chief of Staff, Department of Neurology, NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, and Doug E. Fresh are the Co-Founders of HHPH and are spearheading the initiative with HHPH Executive Director and CEO, Lori Rose Benson. Philanthropic support for the initiative has been provided by the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation and the Bristol Myers Squibb Black Organization for Leadership Development, an employee resource group.

Hip Hop Public Health produced the song 20 Seconds or More in response to messaging failures governing the pandemic in the US. The song was written by Artie Green, and features Doug E. Fresh and Gerry Gunn with medical oversight by Dr. Williams.

20 Seconds or More is available on Spotify and will be on additional streaming music platforms this week, with the hopes of inspiring dance/rapping challenges to share these resources widely. 

The song's catchy refrain, "Wash your hands everybody, and everybody just wash your hands," is inspired by the classic hip hop riff that began with Big Hank and has been adopted by MCs and hip hop fans of all ages and backgrounds as a global anthem.
"The main goal of 20 Seconds or More is to bring together art, science and social media innovation to help fight the COVID-19 health crisis plaguing our nation and the world today," says Doug E. Fresh. "As an artist and a health advocate, I have the responsibility of using my platform and my voice to make a change, beginning with young people, to help save lives and stop the spread of this virus."
"Without a doubt, COVID-19 is one of the most challenging health crises of modern times," says Dr. Olajide Williams. "Personal safety measures are important against the highly contagious Coronavirus, whose infectious profile includes a large number of silent 'asymptomatic' carriers (18-30%) capable of infecting others, and those with mild manifestations of the disease."
The few community defenses against the devastating effects of COVID-19 include home quarantine, social distancing, and proper frequent hand washing. Data shows that these practices mitigate the spread of the virus and have helped to reduce transmission and sickness in countries that have implemented them.
Adds Dr. Williams, "We now know that younger people are more likely to have mild manifestations or silent infection compared to older individuals, and that communities of color are disproportionately affected. These groups need targeted health communication solutions for improving compliance with hand washing, social distancing and home quarantine. 20 Seconds or More is such a campaign, designed to motivate young people and communities of color to engage in regular hand washing and social distancing, while also appealing to the general public."
"This is the era of personal responsibility, when the simple things we choose to do or not do have life and death consequences," says Lori Rose Benson, Executive Director and CEO of Hip Hop Public Health. "Personal responsibility is empowered by education, social conditioning, and cultural relevance. We could therefore think of no better way to get this message across than by launching 20 Seconds or More. This is a life-saving, action-oriented platform that enables young people and all of us to recognize and utilize our power for the collective good health of our communities, the nation and the world."
In addition to the song and video, HHPH has created multiple opportunities for the public to get involved in the 20 Seconds or More movement. Working in collaboration with OPEN, the Online Physical Education Network, HHPH created free lesson plans and other health educational materials to be shared with teachers, school leaders, parents and students to support remote learning and staying active at home.

 HHPH has also created opportunities for young people, educators and artists to serve as Ambassadors, or "HHPH MCs" charged with utilizing their social networks and platforms to inspire dance and rap challenges, while encouraging adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols. HHPH's network of MCs (Masters of Culture) helps to amplify key health messages to empower youth and teach them how to care for their physical and mental health.

HHPH is also sharing frequent updates and information regarding COVID-19 through a series of studies, papers and interactive sessions with Dr. Williams. These include the COVID-19 Industry Rapid Response Q&A with The Partnership for a Healthier America and HHPH's latest blog post with engaging resources for families to stay active at home.

20 Seconds or More - The Video:

The 20 Seconds or More video was produced by IDEKO, a New York based experiential production agency.

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