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4 March 2013

Why London Or A Similar City Would Make The Perfect Bond Villain's Lair


Any self-respecting evil genius needs a suitably imposing lair. What would Blofeld have been without his hollowed-out volcano, Scaramanga without his Pacific island or Stromberg without his underwater palace? It’s a little-known fact that a Bond villain with a sub-par lair runs a very real risk of humiliation at the annual Union of Super villains Christmas get-together.

The trouble is that most lairs are somewhat inaccessible. A remote Himalayan fortress might give you the privacy needed to conduct nefarious schemes, but popping to the shops for milk can often be a nightmare. Modern Super villains need a place that combines the convenience of 21st century urban living with the traditional requirements of a sinister hideout and London could just be the ideal choice.

26 February 2013

Licensed To Thrill - Following 007 Around The World


The James Bond franchise is one of cinema’s most long-running and enduringly popular series of films. There are many reasons why they appeal to people (mainly men admittedly): the girls, the gadgets, the cars, the villains and their nefarious plots, the witty one-liners. And one other key component – the exotic locations. Put yourself in the shoes of the world’s most famous spy and visit some of the scenes of his most explosive exploits.

5 October 2012

The One About Ian Fleming - James Bond's Creator


Ian Lancaster Fleming (1908-1964), the author of the James Bond 007 novels,
was the grandson of a Scottish banker and the son of a Conservative MP
(Member of Parliament). His father died in the first world war. In his will,
he bequeathed his property to his widow on condition she never remarries.

4 October 2012

50 Years of James Bond 007 Movies [Infographic]


With James Bond 007's return to the silver screen with SKYFALL and, of course, 2012 being the year for the famous British secret agent's 50th anniversary, we're delighted to join the... err.. bonding celebration and publish one or two James Bond related posts through

Today's one is an infographic on 50 years of James Bond movies from the peeps at who kindly let us use it. Good times!


Loup Dargent

5 September 2012

4 Most Famous Guns In Movie History


There are lots of movie fans who just love to root for the guns in a movie from western to science fiction or gangster flicks. Here in no particular order are four of the most famous guns in movie history:

1 August 2012

007 Locations - Follow in the Footsteps of James Bond


James Bond celebrates 50 years on the big screen this year, marked by screenings all over the world of the classic films, a car exhibition in the UK and the release of BOND 50, a box-set of all 22 James Bond films on Blu-ray.

The high-flying spy has always inspired location envy, from James Bond Island in Phuket to the idyllic Bahamas and Jamaica. But for James Bond fans hoping to follow in his suave footsteps without breaking the bank, Europe also has plenty to offer. Mr Bond shows a particular affinity for the dramatic vistas of the Alps, the moneyed opulence of the French Riviera and the big, bombastic castles for which France is world famous.

For some Bond inspiration, here's a look at some of the most incredible European locations he loved, killed and smarmed in. An adventurous spirit and good walking boots required; Caddish behaviour and excessive drinking optional.

James Bond and His Cars

Whether or not you are a fan of the genre, there is no denying the importance of the automobiles featured in the James Bond series of films. These films showcase a fifty year history of the automobile in its glory. Along with the magnificence of the actual vehicles that were featured is the knowledge that Bond’s man “Q” had added amazing modifications and gadgets that were sure to assist Bond no matter what trouble came his way. These vehicles are truly a part of the mysterious Bond persona and made him such a popular figure for movie fans.

28 April 2012

The ultimate Guide to James Bond Vehicles [Infographic]

Its 50th anniversary time for James Bond come this October. The time is perfect to go through several vehicles used by Bond all through his journey extraordinaire. Most of these vehicles had important roles to play in his adventures. While some of these vehicles were used by Bond himself, others were used by villains. Interestingly, James Bond used cars of different models including Bentley, Lotus, SAAB, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and Alfa Romeo. However, the choice of Ian Fleming, James Bond creator, was a model of Bentley that didn’t exist in reality. Interestingly, none of the vehicles used in the Bond’s movies contained gadgets that were used in the movie itself! One of the earliest vehicles to have been used in James Bond movies was a “Dragon tank” that is well remembered by viewers for spewing fires on hapless people. “Chevrolet Bel Air” was the first car to have driven in a James Bond Movie. Other prominent vehicles to have been used in the earliest films include Aston Martin DB3 and Bentley Mark IV. Some of the popular vehicles to have been used in the 70s include Ford Custom 500, Honda ATV, and Mercedes-Benz W115. The films in the 80s saw vehicles like Lotus Espirit Turbo, Ford LTD, etc. The vehicles used in the 90s included BMW Z8, BMW R1200 motorcycle. Some of the recently used vehicles in Bond movies were Aston Martin DB3, Ford Mondeo and Volvo S40T5. 

11 January 2012

The Top 5 Worst Fictional Locations To Have An Office

Having an office space to rent office is something that a lot of businesses have to have and this doesn’t matter if it is an office based in London or something like an office in Sunderland, they are needed for a successful business. Although there are some parts of the real world where a business would not like to have an office situated, there are many more locations in the world of fiction that people would hate to have an office, here are just 5 of my favourites.

15 December 2011

The Best Spy Movie Scene Of All Time

As the latest Mission Impossible movie hits the screens in UK cinemas, it’s time to consider perhaps the best scene from spy movies of the past. While most of them turned out to be just about possible, this one did perhaps stretch the imagination a little bit. But this was the 1970s, this was the espionage genre at its best…. and this was James Bond.

2 December 2011

Six Memorable On-Screen Cars


James Bond? He’s half a man without his Aston Martin. Sparkly Edward’s got his Volvo, Ghostbusters have their Cadillac and the only time Lindsay Lohan was even remotely cool was when she rode Herbie. Iconic cars have been boosting the badass-ness of their drivers for years, and sometimes they’ve outshined them completely. Either way, here’s a list of some of the coolest cars ever…

1 December 2011

Chocolates Are Forever: Essential Sweets For Bond Villains


With the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, heading for the big screen in 2012 it’s no wonder that critics, fans and financiers alike are eagerly waiting for this latest offering which sees Daniel Craig playing the role of the secret agent for the third time.

This is the 23rd Bond film and heralds the 50th anniversary of the first ever James Bond film, Dr No. Of course, as with any 007 adventure, there are several important questions that just have to be answered i.e.
  • Who will direct it?
  • Who will be the baddy?
  • Who will be the Bond girl?
  • Where will Bond go on his latest adventure tours?

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