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12 February 2016

The One:12 Collective Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Wows Collectors

The new line of collector-grade, super articulated action figures from The One:12 Collective is a "game changer" according to collectors. (PRNewsFoto/Mezco Toyz)
During their annual Toy Fair Preview at their world headquarters in New York last week, Mezco revealed their latest additions to The One:12 Collective, Batman and Superman from the Dawn Of Justice.

12 January 2015

People With Photographic Memory

Nikola Tesla

Individuals that possess eidetic memory, or photographic memory, are able to recall with precision a large amount of information, images or sounds. Whilst many have claimed to possess this ability, it is found in less than 5% of children, most of whom will begin to lose the ability as they mature or grow older. 

22 December 2013

Suitable Day Jobs For Superheroes [Infographic]


In the following infographic, the peeps from have a light-hearted look at the most suitable everyday jobs for their favorite superheroes in case, one day, the world has become crime and war free at last (as, obviously, those super-beings would find themselves with nothing to do and, like the rest of us, would need to get a day job). 

Just in case, you know...


Loup Dargent

19 July 2013

The Many Faces of Superman [Infographic]


Superman wasn’t always the man we know and love today. In fact, he was pretty much the exact opposite of the man we know today when he first appeared in print in 1932.

Two Cleveland teens, Jerry Seigel and Joel Schuster, created their own fanzine – “Science Fiction: The Advance Guard of Future Civilization” – after their work was rejected by publishers. In the third issue, Seigel included his story “The Reign of the Superman” - a comic about an evil villain who disrupts society with his mental powers.

Seigel revised Superman the following year, establishing him as a hero instead of a villain. However, Seigel’s revision came before editor Whitney Ellsworth outlined a strict code of conduct for superheroes, disallowing them to commit murder. Seigel’s first hero version of Superman was much more aggressive than the man we know today.

23 June 2013

'Man Of Steel' - Do Fans' Expectations Scare Hollywood?

Man of Steel Poster
Man of Steel opened up this last weekend with mixed reviews from both critics and fanboys alike.  Though the majority of those mixed reviews leaned towards the movie being "good"  the real concern isn't a sequel, but if there will be a DC movie universe.  See Warner Bros. promised that if it did well a Justice League movie based in the universe that the Man of Steel created would be launched.  So you might forgive us super nerds if we're on the edge of our seats right now!

Justice League is the Avengers of the DC comic universe.  Where as the Avengers have all the Marvel comic greats like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, Justice League has Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  So just as every Marvel comic fan out there dreamed of seeing an Avengers movie hit the big screen, DC comic fans stand jealous due to the lack of big screen movie love of their favorite super hero team.

Even though Man of Steel opened to $125 million, even though the suits at Warner Bros. have already green lighted a direct sequel, there is no guarantee that a Justice League movie will reach the big screen.  Variety magazine had an interview with Warner Bros' Jeff Robinov in which he says, "stakes are high for 'Man of Steel.'  Other than Nolan's Batpics, Warners has not been able to effectively exploit the DC library."

30 May 2012

10 Most Expensive Comic Books


Superheroes are big business. It’s currently impossible to visit a cinema without the latest comic book adaptation bearing down at you from the billboards. If it’s Avengers Assemble, that’s OK; when it’s Green Lantern...

One of the great pop culture successes of the 20th Century, comic books and their characters have rich and fascinating histories. Avid fans often respect the silver screen versions, but know nothing beats having a classic issue in your hands, if you have the cash. Here are the 10 Most Expensive Comic Books, whose values have soared like Superman.

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