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19 July 2010

Are Aliens and Demons One and The Same?


As some of you know already from either having read some of the posts in our good old 'Forward and Share' or visited my UFOs Related Mixx Community Group, that I'm rather interested in everything having to do with UFOs and Aliens (well, anything out of this world, really) so, when I saw what T. O' Donnell, our Guest Writer for today, had sent us, I knew I would definitely be in my element...

During the last ten years, I've read many articles/stories about the theory that demons were actually on this Earth long before the human race took over and that some of the aliens we think are regularly visiting this planet are in fact, those demons (who, apparently, now live in a parallel universe)...

Of course, for some of you, they're only fairy tales and Sci-Fi stories. For some others they're like the Gospel's Truth. For me, they're "What If?" kind of stories, worth looking into, whatever our beliefs...

So, let's look into the "Aliens and Demons" theory...
With T. O' Donnell as our designated guide.

Oh, and, enjoy this "a bit out of the ordinary" trip.

Loup Dargent 

4 December 2009

The Haunting Story of Alexandra Holzer


Now, that's the spirit! 

Okay, not really that kind of spirit, but we have good reasons to be cheerful as our favourite Ufo Guy is back with a very haunting story...

It's the story of Alexandra Holzer and, as she is the daughter of the famous ghost hunter Hanz Holzer, publishing it is definitely a great way to launch our "Paranormal" category.

Those of you who read the old version of 'Forward and Share' might remember some of Bill Knell's articles... They were great additions to our UFOs Related topic and were very popular among our readers (Good news: We have managed to salvage some of them and will definitely publish them again in a near future) so being able to publish more articles from him is like an early Christmas present for us.

But, enough of my rambling: Bill Knell and his haunting story of Alexandra Holzer is only a few mouse scrolls away...


Loup Dargent

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