31 December 2012

6 Best Sci-Fi Movies Ever

Alien life forms, outer space, rockets and futuristic living tend to take place in sci-fi movies, and plenty of people consider themselves sci-fi fanatics. Because there is such a large desire for this genre, many filmmakers have created sci-fi movies, trying hard to one-up the last sci-fi movie that was made. If sci-fi movies interest you, then the following are six movies you need to see.

1. Avatar
Avatar made a huge name for itself when it popped onto the big screen. Not only was it the highest grossing movie of all time, but it gave everyone a new view of what 3D could do to a movie. Along with the impressive visuals that is sure to pique the interest of any viewer, the storyline is simple and engaging too, making it something you want to follow. It depicts the greediness of humans and the simplicity of the blue cat people, and in the end, a human realizes that something needs to change and that his life as a human is missing something the blue cat people can provide.

2. Back to the Future
Though the movie is old and doesn’t have all the flashy 3D capabilities or technology as it would if it were created today, Back to the Future is one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. The story is easy to follow and entertaining for any member of the family, and the idea of time travel is completely unique to the 1985 movie. Plus, the movie was good enough to become a trilogy.

3. ET
If ET doesn’t pop into your head when you think of sci-fi movies, then you’re not thinking clearly. This movie, though it was popular among children, is a great sci-fi movie for everyone of any age. And although it’s an older movie and may not have all the bells and whistles as a sci-fi movie today, it still has plenty of action and a great storyline to keep anyone entertained.

4. The Matrix
The Matrix was another sci-fi movie phenomenon that not only entertained everyone who saw it, but also left the audience walking away with questions about our own existence and reality. Some people think that The Matrix was too intellectual to be a good sci-fi movie, but there’s no harm in having to think and be entertained at the same time. Plus, there are plenty of sci-fi action scenes to keep those people happy while watching the film too.

5. Planet of the Apes
The idea of the world would once be run by apes may not sound plausible to some people, but in the land of sci-fi, anything goes. The original Planet of the Apes in 1968 is a great movie in itself, and it has also had plenty of sequels as well as a TV show and cartoons.

6. Star Wars
When you make a list of the best of sci-fi movies of all time, Star Wars will be on it. There are different Star Wars movies, and though some are better than others, the collection as a whole changed the path of sci-fi movies since its debut back in the 1970s.

 About Today's Contributor:
Caleb Grant is a freelance writer who is really into space and Sci-Fi movies.  He enjoys writing about space travel and Sci-Fi movies in his spare time.

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