28 February 2013

What if Grooveshark, Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora Existed in the 50s? [Infographic]

Back in the 50s, Grooveshark would have been like a personalized jukebox. You’d be able to look up your favorite songs and have them played just for you. No guarantees that your favorite tune would be available, though. Sure, it would have been free, but the songs wouldn’t be in alphabetical order. So if you really didn’t know what you wanted to play, you would have been fresh out of luck. This is just one example of how different your favorite music programs of today would have been in decades gone by. Your other favorite music programs, like Spotify, iTunes, Last.fm and Napster could have operated much differently, as well. Pandora likely would have had ads between its songs, and you wouldn’t have been able to skip songs you didn’t like--which would have been quite unfortunate, considering most of the music played would have been stuff you’re not that fond of anyway. 

Get more details on your favorite modern music programs and what they would have been like in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s by checking out the infographic below.

Back in Time Infographic - If Music Programs Were Created in the Past
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