7 January 2014

The 6 Best Family Days Out In The UK

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By Sam Wright

Whether it’s the school holidays, half term or just a long weekend, when you’ve got the whole family together you want to take advantage of it as best you can. Fortunately, the UK is full of wonderful places for a day out, whether you’re looking for something edifying and educational, or just plain fun!

London’s Museums
Let’s start with the educational options. London’s museums are some of the greatest museums in the world, and they’re conveniently all lined up together in the same part of the city. In a single day you can visit the Natural History Museum (to see all the dinosaurs), the Science Museum (to see the Lunar Module) and the Victoria & Albert Museum (to see some quite frankly astonishing dresses).

Dinosaur Adventure
This park in Norfolk is a great day out for all the family. The trail around the park, which takes you from the earliest dinosaurs all the way through time to the first cave men, is dotted with other features, such as a reptile house, a petting zoo, a huge adventure playground and an indoor adventure play area that is out of this world. Go once and your kids will be begging to go again and again.

Legoland Windsor
It’s a land made out of Lego. You don’t need to know much more than that. Enjoy all the rides, and the magnificent Lego sculptures that even the best endowed Lego collection could only dream of being able to match. Plus, you and the family can each get your very own personalised Lego man!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Pleasure Beach in Blackpool is the seaside resort all seaside resorts wish they were. Build sandcastles on the beach, paddle in the sea, and lose all your 2p coins in the arcade, and finally enjoy the park’s hair raising fairground rides! The mix of family fun and faded glamour here can’t be beaten.

National Space Centre
A personal favourite of mine, Leicester’s National Space Centre is a great day out for every family that’s ever envied the Robinson’s of Lost in Space. Explore the various planets of the solar system, stand inside an accurate reconstruction of one of the International Space Station’s modules, have lunch beneath the boosters of a Saturn V rocket, and finally cap it all off with a show in the Centre’s Patrick Moore memorial Planetarium, a truly mind blowing sight to see.

Thorpe Park
The argument over which of Britain’s theme parks is the best is a long and passionately held one. However, if you look at the numbers, Thorpe Park is doing a great job of beating out the competition. As well as being one of the cheaper theme parks as far as admission prices go it boasts some unique attractions if you’re a big fan of roller coasters.

Thorpe Park boasts the Swarm, the world’s only backward winged coaster in the world as well as the only winged coaster in the country, and the tallest and fastest such coaster in Europe. It also features the country’s tallest log flume, and the Saw ride, the only theme park ride to be themed around a horror movie. And that’s just for starters! 

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About Today's Guest Writer
Sam Wright is a copywriter based in Norwich, Norfolk. 

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