25 August 2009

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Baby Boomers Go Bionic

"They can rebuild you..."

'Those of us old enough to remember the 1970s
TV show “The Six
Million Dollar Man,” recall it was
about a guy who was "rebuilt"
in a high-tech medical
procedure after being seriously wounded in

an airplane crash...

Ah, yes... How could we ever forget Steve Austin?!
He was a childhood hero for many of us.

I also remember
The Bionic Woman...
Lindsay Wagner was Jaime Sommers in those days.

[ There was a bionic dog as well?! ]

Today, 'Forward-and-Share' goes
all bionic thanks to Paul Carton' s article!

[It seems that all you baby boomers out there
like the idea of being 'rebuilt'...]

We've also gone bionic all the way with not only more
links on The Bionic Woman and 'The Six Million Dollars Man'
but also on the topic of Bionics itself...

Even the bonus links have gone bionic!


Loup Dargent



Copyright (c) 2008
Paul Carton
Change Wave

Those of us old enough to remember the 1970s
TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man,” recall it was
about a guy who was “rebuilt” in a high-tech medical
procedure after being seriously wounded in an
airplane crash.

The show’s main character had his right arm, left eye
and legs replaced by “bionic” body parts that advanced
his speed, vision and strength far beyond that of
mortal humans.

At the time it was nearly all fiction, but today joint
replacements, cardiac implants, and other “bionic” limbs
and devices are readily available. And based on a recent
ChangeWave survey they’re becoming increasingly
popular - especially with baby boomers.

The February survey of 148 doctors involved in the medical
devices market focused on current and future demand trends
for cardiac implants, joint replacements and other types of
medical products that repair and correct the body.

“Bionic” Boomers

Today, when a limb or organ no longer functions properly,
one increasingly popular option is to replace it with a “bionic”
device - i.e., a mechanism that uses electronic or mechanical
components to enhance or replace damaged body parts.

We asked our panel of doctors which types of devices will
experience the largest growth in demand over the next 12
months. Little wonder, with the aging of the baby boomers,
that one-in-two (50%) believe that it’s Joint Repair/ Replacement

“I’m old enough to remember the 1970s TV show The Six Million
Dollar Man,” said Tobin Smith, founder of ChangeWave and editor
of ChangeWave Investing. “And while we aren’t quite there yet in
terms of bionic technology, the fact that many aging baby boomers
are looking for knee and hip replacements translates into big
gains not only for the technology in general, but also for the
companies specializing in this sector.”

Which companies are expected to benefit most from this growth in
demand for bionics? Joint Replacement manufacturers Stryker (SYK)
(27%) and Zimmer (ZMH) (20%) were two of the top firms mentioned,
along with cardiac device maker Medtronic (MDT) (27%).

“Medtronic recently purchased multiple patents and technology
from Biophan Technologies with regards to MRI-safe pacemaker and
pacemaker leads,” according to respondent WPW6938. “Aging baby
boomers that require pacemakers and defibrillating implants will
benefit from devices that also allow for MRI scanning to be

Manufacturers Stryker and Zimmer offer a variety of custom
products and solutions that help to simplify joint replacement
surgeries. They are well positioned to capitalize on the growing
momentum for bionic devices. As respondent MAG02539 points out,
"Joint replacement solutions are becoming more specific for the
patients' particular problem, requiring less complicated

New Medical Breakthroughs

Which types of devices are most likely to experience new
technology breakthroughs over the next 12-24 months?

Joint Repair/Replacement Devices (31%), along with Prosthetic
Limbs (30%) head up the list of devices most likely to experience
technology breakthroughs going forward.

Dental Implants (25%), Vision Correction Devices (23%) and Back/
Spine Repair and Replacement solutions (21%) also received
significant mention.

In a highly positive finding for the growth of bionic devices,
31% of doctors think insurance companies and other payors will be
More Willing to reimburse healthcare providers for these devices
over the next 12 months. Only 18% think they will be Less

So, is the baby boomer generation set to go “bionic”?

Yes, according to the ChangeWave survey results. And not only
won’t it cost six million dollars, but insurance companies appear
increasingly willing to pick up the tab.


For the latest ChangeWave news on technology
and medical trends and companies, visit:
The ChangeWave research network is composed
of 15,000 highly qualified business and technology
professionals. Members are surveyed on a range
of topics, and the findings are converted into
quantitative and qualitative reports.

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