20 August 2009

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What Doctor Who Character Are You?

Apparently, and according to the following
quiz, I am the 4th Doctor among all the possible Doctor Who characters...

Not bad at all.

I would probably not have minded being the 10th Doctor, but that's really because he seemed to do a lot of snogging during and between his time traveling trips...

So, yeah...
The 4th Doctor, hey?!


To celebrate those results, I've done a bit of
time traveling myself and brought back some pictures (black and white pics and all) from the Doctor Who's Tom Baker years and added, for good measure, the video of an interview of the great Tom Baker (AKA the Fourth Doctor and the narrator in Little Britain) himself...

That's the least I could do, really.

The rest of the pictures will be posted in:

PicturesTime: Doctor Who - The Tom Baker Years

and the rest in
PicturesTime: Doctor Who - The Tom Baker Years - Part Two

what Doctor Who character are you?
Tell us your result and let us know if you're
pleased (or not) with it by posting a comment in the messages area.

Thanks in advance.

And, most of all...

Loup Dargent

What Doctor Who
character are You?

I scored as 4th Doctor. Wild, eccentric, wacky!

Do you want a jelly baby?

4th Doctor

9th Doctor

10th Doctor

3rd doctor

1st Doctor

7th Doctor

5th Doctor

a Dalek

6th doctor

8th Doctor


2nd doctor


What Doctor Who character are You?
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Tom Baker - Doctor... 

Who On Earth Is Tom Baker

Tom Baker's portrayal of Doctor Who proved

to be the most successful in the BBC tv series
history. In this unique production, shot on
location around his home in 1991, Tom gives
his views on himself, Doctor Who, life and
(more importantly) death...

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