15 March 2010

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Football Fiesta - The Heineken Way

Girls, Rio Carnival costumes, beer and football. The perfect mix?
What happens when you bring together the beautiful game, amazing costumes from the ultimate football nation – we’re talking Brazil of course – and everyone’s favourite Dutch export? 
Whatever you’re imagining, it probably isn’t this…
Hmmm... yes, after watching this video-clip, you might not look at a football match the same way anymore.

Just in case you haven't guessed yet, this Heineken advert is football related and funny...
Perhaps a bit disturbing, but definitely funny.

Apart from the fact that, thanks to this video, I have a golden excuse to make the most of my PicApp* account by posting some of their Rio Carnival pictures, there are a few other goodies (early Easter eggs in a way) that come with it.

Not only there are other funny videos from the 'Funny or DIE' site listed at the end of the vid, but you could also win tickets to watch the UEFA Champion's League Final in Brazil.

Now, that's value for money.

Did I mention Brazil?

That means another Rio Carnival picture needs to be posted then...

So, good luck everyone and... enjoy.

* Sadly, the PicApp site has closed down since this post was published... But, I still managed to save the pictures. So no harm done.

Loup Dargent

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Bonus Video

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