25 May 2010

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May 25th: It's Universal Day of The Jedi and My Grandchild's Birthday!

How more blessed could a Science Fiction fan feel when his own grandchild actually decides to be born on the Universal Day of The Jedi? Now, that has to be a sign...

As you've probably guessed, we are celebrating both my grandchild's first birthday and the Universal Day of the Jedi in today's post... That explains why, with some help from the FaceInHole.com site, we have now a picture of Riley (that's my grandchild's name, by the way) dressed as a jedi... He does look the part, doesn't he?

Mind you, it seems that Riley has already gone for the jedi look before as we can see from the following picture...

Riley, a jedi in the making?

 Riley, a jedi in the making?

All together now:

Happy First Birthday, Riley!


 Meanwhile, In The Star Wars Universe...

The Empire Strike Back - 30th birthday

This year, May is definitely the Star Wars fans month as not only we have the yearly Universal Day of The Jedi in it but it's also the Empire Strikes Back 30th birthday.

The Empire Strikes Back was (and is still) the mother of all movie sequels and I did my bit towards celebrating its birthday by submitting a few stories to Mixx.com and some of the related Mixx Community Groups. Here they are for your own perusal:

 The above mentioned Community Groups are:

Feel free to have a look... There are loads of good stuff there.

The icing on the cake was when I actually submitted the Universal Day of The Jedi related Round Up podcast episode...

I definitely invite you to listen to it... If you don't, this Universal Day of The Jedi won't be the same.

Happy Universal Day of The Jedi, Everyone!

 Have fun...

Loup Dargent

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