5 March 2011

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Is Astral Travel Really Possible?

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 In this post, Al Perhacs, our Guest Writer for today, is  taking us to another plane... the astral one.

Apparently, sometime in the last century, a few decades ago, both the CIA and the KGB were actually quite interested in astral travel and out-of-body experience. So, if it was good enough for those shadowy organisations, it's definitely good enough for LoupDargent.com..... 

Not that we would dream of using it for the same purpose than them  though.  We've got principles.

Anyway, let's relax and listen to Al  telling us all about astral projecting....


Loup Dargent

PS: By the way, we've also added, as a bonus, two music videos to help you relax and all...  (They're both from our good friend, Canadian singer 
/songwriter, Marcomé, so you're in for a treat.)

 Is Astral Projecting or Travel Really Possible?
Al Perhacs

Have you ever watched science fiction movies direct from
Hollywood, especially some of those in the Star Wars genre? To
give you a general plot idea, it is not out of context to say
that 11 out of 12 such flicks show astral projection. The lead
actor fights the bad guys in space, in a three dimensional
projection armed with cool gadgets, moving across the universe
in a fraction of seconds.

It is exhilarating to fantasize about astral projection. Now if
you have no general scientific idea what astral projection is
all about, then let me build up your knowledge about this term
and the aura revolving around it.

Astral projection or travel, is this common?

It is quite likely that you dream, in fact nearly everybody
across the globe dreams when sleeping. Note this is not touching
on those who daydream; that's different.

In order to explain the mechanism behind dreaming, here is a
basic definition. In a nutshell, this is feeling an out of the
body experience. It may sound mystic to the ear, but it is a
likely fact which people around the world have felt and
acknowledged at some level.

How can we confirm it or feel it?

When we sleep, our physical body goes to sleep, but our mind
works continuously. This is primarily the reason why we dream
about the facts and experience which have not felt as yet. So in
other words astral projection is the extension of our dream like
state, but the only difference being is that we can control it
and do it whenever we want. This cannot be termed as the sleepy
state completely, although the feeling is that of sleep.

Is Astral Projection Possible or a Myth?

Astral projection is to large extent a proved theory. Even
religious literature of all sorts puts the seal on this

In the past this type of therapy was used to cure psychological
ailments. Then unfortunately, it lost touch in a world focused
on drugs for curing every ailment.

We all possess an aura as per our inner personality. This aura
separates us and the astral world.

Astral projection is the dimension ahead of the material
dimension; that is our physical body and environment etc. People
who undergo this describe it as the time of different
perspective. They can even see their own body because in astral
projection there is no boundary on vision.

One can see up and down, right and left, front and back at the
same instant. In case you are interested in this topic, you can
consult specialists in this field. Incidentally many of them
hold the workshop for the people who want to go through astral
projection at a nominal fee.

How this can be done?

To start with this procedure, one has to undergo the training
course under the direct supervision of a specialist or
professional. Some spiritual centers provide study materials in
order to read about the procedure and then give it a try, too.
And there are ebooks that are freely available on the internet
to help you set off on this wonderful journey.

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