30 July 2011

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UK: The One Not About Warehouse 13 - Season 3?

If Warehouse 13 Season 3 did exist, it would premiere on Syfy on Thursday August 4th at 9pm after 'The Cape'!

If Such a TV Series Did Exist, The People At Wikipedia Would Say: 

If Such a TV Series Did Exist, Our Friends At Geeks of Doom Would Say:

Okay, you've probably got the idea by now...

Warehouse 13 (the American TV series that might or might not exist) might be back on our TV screens soon (or not). And it might be aired (if it exists, that is) on a channel called... Syfy!

I think that's my cue for laughing out loud... Syfy? What kind of name is that?!
I mean, if it was called Sci-Fi, I would bite, but... Syfy?! Pull the other one!

Hold on, I'm getting some intel about that right now.

Oh.... right. Ooops! There is actually a TV channel called Syfy.
So, maybe, just maybe, Warehouse 13 - Season 3 might exist as well after alll.

Kind of reassuring, really.... For a little while I thought I had stepped into the Twilight Zone.


Loup Dargent 

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