11 August 2011

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Doctor Who's Message To The UK Looters (Updated)

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"Go to your room! 
I mean it. I am very angry with you. I'm very, very cross. Stop... looting... and... go... To... your... room"

There.. They've been told.
Well, that worked in the "The Doctor Dances" episode when The Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack were surrendered by the Mask Creatures, didnt it?

Quite Unexpected Update!

When I posted my slightly teasing "No need for #edl and #BNP to "protect" our streets. Doctor Who will sort the looters out  ;-) " tweet, I didn't know that the riots were going to stop that fast. But, they sure did. They stopped almost right after our favourite Time Lord's message was published and advertised/promoted through various Social Media sites. Wow!

Okay, fair enough, the idea of being shot at with plastic bullets probably helped as well convincing the looters to stop.. looting. But, one thing that's definitely sure is that the BNP and EDL inspired vigilante-like groups that eventually showed up (mainly in places where there was no troubles to deal with) didn't help stopping the riots at all.

So, in a way, we were right... The Doctor has kind of somehow helped sorting the looters out while the BNP and EDL... well... haven't.
That's our story and we'll keep to it whatever those so-called vigilante groups say.

Stay safe!
Loup Dargent

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