22 November 2011

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Top 5 Movie Soundtracks

 A good soundtrack can take a movie to a new level, and it’s usually the soundtrack that gets remembered the most. Certain songs bring back memories of the scene they were played in, and a good soundtrack has never been so important.

Good music in a film can not only create atmosphere and mood, but emphasise the emotions and feelings of the characters adding to the overall movie-going experience. Here are 5 movies who understood the importance of music, and got it right:

5. Slumdog Millionaire – This is the recent Danny Boyle film about life in the slums of India. The soundtrack perfectly balances the cinematography and helps us feel the emotions of the young lovers. It is a sad film that struggles to reach its happy ending and the music takes you on a rollercoaster from start to finish. Boyle has always been a master at taking on you a journey.

4. 8 Mile – This film also won an Oscar and saw Eminem starring in his first feature length movie. The film covers his life and upbringing as he tried to make it as a rapper. Parallel to this were his personal and family issues which were evident. The soundtrack was written by Eminem himself, and was truly atmospheric. Perhaps a film for a younger generation of urban music enthusiasts, but nonetheless a fantastic film with great music.

 3. Saturday Night Fever – This classic 1970s movie is one of the most respected of all time, with a famous soundtrack to boot. The BeeGees shine on this soundtrack playing track after track of camp disco fun. Stayin’ Alive is just one of the classic tracks we all know and love from this film, it will always be remembered!

 2. Lost in TranslationSofia Coppola won numerous awards for her acclaimed drama around 8 years ago. The music plays a huge role in the film as the script is somewhat short. The music guides us through the characters travels in Japan and is perfectly paired with that you’re look at on screen. A track by ‘Air’ on the monk excursion scene is a particular highlight.

 1. Pulp FictionQuentin Tarantino is known for his unusual take on film-making and has much acclaim for what is possibly his best known film. Pulp Fiction is a rollercoaster of parody and dark humour, and the soundtrack reflects this. The music has been chosen very carefully and is often totally inappropriate for the scene, but this is why it works so well. Perhaps this film will top the polls for the rest of film-making as we know it.

About Today's Guest Writer: 
Steve is an amateur filmmaker who loves using music to emphasise emotions.  
He uses Music for film and Royalty free music to create the right mood for the production he is editing.

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