20 November 2011

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Who's Wrecking America? Meet Your 1% Nominees

Our friends at BraveNewFoundation  have created a list of the 30 people doing the most to destroy The US' economy and democracy — a list created from the 5000 suggestions that their audience left over the last two weeks at WhoAreThe1Percent.com...

This is a doozy of a list, filled with the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Rob Walton, and Jamie Dimon (of JPMorgan Chase fame) and they're going to make videos exposing the worst of the bunch. 

But, the question is: which ones? 
Well, that's actually up to you. 

There is definitely no shortage of baddies on that list... 

Even Hugh Grant is on it! 
Oh.. okay... It's apparently not the actor, but the CEO of Monsanto, a company that produces "Frankenfood" and conquers family farms nationwide.

They've also got Erik Prince, the founder of the mercenary company Blackwater. 
And of course (quite expected, really) the infamous Koch Brothers.

 Let's kick (in a non-violent way) some  baddies' asses!

Have fun and all...

Loup Dargent

PS: Don't forget to watch the vid! 

The Video

Which of the richest 1% are using their wealth and power to keep down the other 99%? Vote now. We'll make videos exposing the ones that you choose...

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