2 December 2011

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10 Movies to Watch After a Breakup

Feeling gloomy and blue because of a rough breakup? Want to escape from the world for a while and have a good cry? Instead of pouring your heart out to a friend, try something different. Pop a bowl of popcorn, make yourself comfortable on the couch, and throw in one of these great tear-inducing movies. There's nothing so relieving after a breakup as crying your eyes out until you are utterly exhausted. Getting it all out now may be helpful in helping you adjust more quickly to life without your significant other. Here are some great movies to help you do just that:

1. Pride and Prejudice, 2005
This most recent version of the 200-year-old British classic takes a bit of a darker, more forlorn twist on this classic tale. With the combination of romance and underlying statements against class distinction, you will find yourself at once both happy and mournful over the plight of Lizzie Bennett.

2. Twilight
Yes, it's a teen flick. But honestly, there is no movie that does melodrama quite like this cult classic. Make your day perfect by watching the sulky vampire, Edward, pursuing the self-involved and overly-dramatic Bella. Make sure you have a pillow to cuddle with if you are going to brave this romance.
3. (500) Days of Summer
In this non-romanic, but still romantic, drama you will follow the relationship of two people who have a passionate romance. Cry along with them as their drama unfolds.
4. The Holiday
Your heart soars through ups and downs as you follow the story lines of two very different couples. Cry when they cry, smile when they smile. This movie is worth every minute!
5. The Notebook
It's almost impossible to go wrong with anything based on a Nicholas Sparks book. The story of Noah and Allie's romance is one of the most heartwarming of all his books, especially with it's satisfying ending. Also feel free to try others such as Message in a Bottle or A Walk to Remember.
6. Cinderella
Yes, it's Disney, but doesn't Cinderella's plight just warm your heart? It's especially touching when her little friends, the mice, go to such effort to help her make the truth known to the handsome prince and fulfill her happily ever after.
7. The Village
While this movie is combined with elements of horror, it also contains one of the sweetest love stories that M. Night Shymalan ever penned. You will love the way that Ivy and Lucius sacrifice for each other.
8. The Wedding Singer
Taking a break from his more comical roles, Adam Sandler is spot on in this romantic comedy. The romance between Robbie and Julia blossoms as they develop a friendship, which later comes to mean even more.
9. Bridget Jones' Diary
This is the perfect movie for those who are in the process of a too-long-in-coming breakup. Watch as Bridget makes the mistake of dating the wrong man, but is lucky enough to find someone even better. This movie will give you a hope for something better in the future.
10. Moulin Rouge 
Let the tears flow as you watch this romance destined for failure. The stunning music and melodramatic storyline will have you cried out before the movie is even halfway through.

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