23 December 2011

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Androids: Keeping Artists Inspired

More and more people are starting to wonder: Is there anything the Android can't do? With the limitless-and-still-expanding catalogue of Android apps, it seems like this little, sleek device is unstoppable. Android isn't greedy however; now, it's empowering artists all over the world. 

All artists need inspiration, especially musicians. There's enough going on around the world to keep songwriters in business for the rest of human existence, but now, thanks to Android, artists can have an easier time finding goings-on to write about.

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Do you need a social issue topic for your next song? Download the free Social Issues Poems app to educate yourself about the issues and maybe get some inspiration from the flowing words. You can find out about important issues like the Japanese-tsunami relief money being used to hunt whales and educate others on what is happening. This app presents the words of the poems in easy to read fonts with cool and calming backgrounds.

Sometimes, all it takes to get the creative juices flowing is a bit of background music. Musicians can lay down a background track or two with apps like Pocket DJ Vintage, one of the absolutely necessary Android apps for artists in the hip-hop arena. Transform your Android into an old-school turntable deck and liven up wherever you are with a great mix, overlaid with some vocals of your own. Pocket DJ lets you use DJ techniques like scratching, matching beats, and pitch alteration. All you have to do to have a full-blown dance party on your hands is to plug your Android phone into a sound system. Pocket DJ vintage can pull songs from the song library in your phone, letting you mix them as you please.

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For those who want the perfect mix of music and current events, check out  any of the Android apps like TuneIn Radio for Android. TuneIn Radio keeps you up-to-date on global and national happenings, and provides a wealth of music to stimulate the beginnings of your own musical creation. TuneIn is extremely popular, with over 50,000 stations to listen to and a huge fan base. It's the place to find out what's going on and what's new.

These Android apps for artists are the perfect muses of the modern day, educating and inspiring those who will in turn inspire the masses. Get out there and get your artistic imagination going today!

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