3 December 2011

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Enjoying a Trip to the Cinema

Everyone loves a trip to the cinema, from the action on the screen to the oversized snacks and drinks, here's our guide to enjoying a day at the cinema!

Choosing the film you want to see is always the hardest task.  Some people know exactly what they want to see while others will just turn up and see what is on offer around that time.  Blockbusters like Mamma Mia a few years ago will usually book up in advance so be sure to have a back up if you're not good at planning early!

When you enter the door of the theatre there is typically a line of people waiting to purchase their tickets from the ticket seller, so arrive early to allow for this. You give your ticket to the ticket taker, who tears it in half and hands you the stub, which you should keep until you leave.

You will probably want to visit the concession stand before going in to see your movie. This stand usually sells popcorn, soft drinks and a large assortment of boxed candies. Some people seem to look forward to their concession stand purchases as much as the film.

It is wise to visit the rest room before the movie starts so you won't have to stumble across all the people in your row of seats getting in and out of your row.

Finding the perfect seat in the theatre is often a challenge. You must avoid sitting in front of very tall people so you can see. You also don't want to sit too close or too far away from the screen. It is nice to sit in the middle of a row away from any children who may talk and fidget throughout the movie. You also want to avoid a seat that is wet from a spilt drink or that has gum on the floor in front of it.

Avoid the following types of people at all costs:
  • The Clown -- who will laugh hysterically at anything that is the least bit humorous
  • The Crier -- who will sob inconsolably at anything the least bit sad
  • The Chatterbox -- who will talk incessantly throughout the movie
  • The Muncher -- who will constantly crunch popcorn or candy during the movie
  • The Squirmer -- who will continuously adjust and move around in his seat

When you finally find the perfect seat, take off your jacket, place your drink in the cup holder and put on your glasses if this is necessary. Place your cough drops, tissues and any other necessities in an easily-accessible pocket or purse. This location must be able to be found in a dark theatre where you will be able to see nothing around you for at least 90 minutes.

If you have done all of these things, you will now be able to sit quietly and enjoy your movie. If you have not, you will wish you had stayed home and watched a re-run on television instead!

Have a think about these factors when going to the cinema next time.  Will you book early and get the best seats or will you risk ending up sitting next to 'the clown'?

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