8 December 2011

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Loved Movember? Why Not Try Some More Fun-draising?

Once a year, I find myself staring at the reflection of a cross between an Indian school boy and a 70’s biker with alopecia. Why? You may well ask.

Every November I try to grow a moustache for charity. This year my efforts were partially better than previous attempts and I felt safe in the knowledge that people had actually noticed and had even contributed some money to a worthy cause – prostate cancer research.

I seriously considered giving it a rest this year (my third) but then I thought what else have I done to raise money for anything other than myself? Does this now mean that I’m emotionally tied to annually growing a moustache for charity – yeah, probably and why not! There are plenty more gruelling tasks that are undertaken in the name of making cash for those less needy and from adventure tours to marathons, growing a bit of facial hair for a month is pretty straightforward.

If you’ve ever fancied doing something for charity or raising money for a good cause then check out the examples below to give you a bit of inspiration.

It’s just a bit of running!
Around my way, everywhere you look there’s some lithe, muscle bound, Lycra-clad body running, stretching or exercising. Good for them, I say. Keeping fit and healthy is an excellent hobby. But then, every so often, I’ll spot someone who really looks like they’d be better off having a good sit down or even some form of doctor’s advice. These brave red-faced, puffing individuals are the charity runners. No matter what the distance: 5k, 10k or a full on 26.6 mile marathon, these guys are challenging themselves all in the name of raising money for a noble cause.

Taking a ‘fun’ run a step further was the fabulous comedian Eddie izzard who, in 2009, ran not 1 but 43 marathons over the course of 51 days. This Sport Relief challenge was an amazing achievement and raised well over £300,000 for a variety of good causes.

If you think Izzard’s achievement was amazing then check out the monumental efforts of amateur runner, Neil O’Maonigh-Lennon who in 2010 managed to run 105 marathons in 105 days! Neil took his inspiration from legendary long-distance athlete Terry Fox who, in 1980, ran 3,339 miles across Canada to raise money for cancer research. This is no mean feat in itself but when you consider that Fox’s right leg had been amputated, the word: superhuman doesn’t even begin to cut the custard.

Courageous athletes such as Fox and Maonigh-Lennon are obviously extreme cases of what the human body can endure although with the right training and a willingness to succeed, each and every one of us has the ability to push our boundaries and raise some cash.

Loads of other options
Organised fundraising events such as Sport Relief and Children in Need present fabulous excuses to get involved and from baking cakes to adventure holidays to swimming the Channel, finding time to help other people has never been so integral to our local and worldwide communities.

A final thought
In 2009 nine celebrities set out to scale the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro.
Now, in my household, the chance to see the likes of Chris Moyles, Fern Cotton and Cheryl Cole well and truly out of their comfort zones was greeted with the sort of joy usually reserved for NYE celebrations however, as these glamorous and not so glamorous celebs began their ascent a strange thing happened, I became inspired.

I know! How could a chubby radio DJ do anything other than irritate as opposed to motivate? But it happened.

Now, I haven’t climbed a mountain, I haven’t run several marathons but I have managed to cultivate facial hair for the past three years by joining in with the annual event of Movember.

And so, dear reader, I leave you with this: if that rotund, immature, ‘saviour of Radio 1’ can do something then why can’t you?

About Today's Guest Writer:
Chris enjoys fundraising and has a passion for helping others and travelling the world.

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